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Ian King workout and food

OK - I’ve been working through Ian King’s Book Of Muscle Intermediate workout for 6 weeks, and I’m about to hit the first hypertrophy phase. And I’ve got questions about my diet.

I’ve been cutting for the last 6 months, and have gotten down to around 17-18% bf (according to mybodycomp.com, no calipers, just tape measurements of different body parts). I’m taking a rest week next week, between weeks 6 and 7, and right now I’m trying to figure out what sort of nutritional plan I should be looking at.

I know that I can’t try to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. But I don’t want to pass up what looks like an awesome hypertrophy phase either. My problem lies in my bf% - it’s too high to start a good bulk, but if I keep eating at the deficit I’m at right now, I won’t get much in the way of gains from phase 2.

I currently weigh 206lbs (6ft tall), with an approx bf of 17-18% (although a lot of people seem to question the mybodycomp.com results, and I have a feeling my bf is lower). My current diet breaks down to about 40p/20c/40f, at about 2700-2800 cals a day. On friday’s I increase my cals to about 3200-3300 (maintenance level, all clean calories), and the ratio moves closer to 33/33/33.

My thought is that I could alternate eating maintenance on rest days and cutting on workout days, with my carb percentage higher on work days to give my muscles energy - this way I’m still technically in a cutting mode, but it’s a lot more gradual, and maybe I get to take more advantage of the hypertrophy phase. But I don’t know if that thinking is valid.

My big guestion at the end of a long post - Should I keep cutting like I have been, follow the plan I outlined above, or try something completely different? I have a week to design something, so I’m willing to hear any ideas and advice. If anyone needs a guinea pig to try out a new idea, I’m willing to give it a listen .

Ok, I think what your saying is that based on your body fat you feel you should keep cutting but at the same time you don’t want to waste the hypertrophy phase coming up.

If you are 18% I would keep dieting (maybe down to around 10%?). I would also continue with the Ian King routine. Remember, after the King routine you can try some different stuff and then come back and do the King program again as a bulking routine.

I would recommend going on a maintenance phase for a couple of weeks before concluding with the cutting phase. The short maintenance phase will give your hormonal system, nervous system/receptors a chance to recover from the cutting. Remember, losing weight is catabolic. You can’t do it for very long without experiencing problems. A couple weeks with elevated calories(maintenance calories,not bulking) will help to reset baseline activity of adrenals and hormones so you can successfully continue with the fat loss again. Get down to at least 12%bf, preferably 10%, before hypertrophy.