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Ian King videos & books?

I’ve read Get Buffed, and watched his bench,squat,deadlift,control drills, abs, stretch videos.

I’m thinking of ordering his snatch, overhead press and another one of his videos. But was curious to know if anyone has seen these videos or other videos that cover the same lifts. Would just like some input please.

Has anyone read ask the master or Get Buffed II? Or seen any of his other videos or books?

ive seen, speed, flex and injury prevention, seminar with charlie francis(higher faster stronger), strength and conditioning specialist, a few i cant recall, and have read how to write str. and conditioning programs and keys to progress. all of his stuff is worth the money!

I read Get Buffed II. It’s a valuable book (like Get Buffed I). If you train 4 times X week you can definitely try Ian’s program as an evolution of his Get Buffed I program.