Ian King style Dead vs conventional

hi guys…i’ve been doin IK style deads on my hamstring training day. I noticed I have to do alot less weight in the lift…but don’t feel a huge diffeence in my hams…my grip fails easier wih the OH style and my traps get hit pretty hard…I was wondering if you guys prefer these to conventional deads or not…one more question to sneak in…dumbell pullovers…effective lat exercise?..thanks.Mike

Make sure you’re paying attention to the following points in no particular order.

  1. Shoulders over the bar. 2. Flat back and abs sucked in hard. 3. Scapula adducted and held depressed. 4. Hips and shoulders stay in same line during ascent until bar is at knee level. 5. Bar must drag on shins. 6. Push feet into the floor.
    You will not feel it in your hamstrings/glutes if you are keeping your torso vertical.
    The dumbbell pullover is excellent for the lats. Try a one and one-third movement.

Jerry Telle has an article for the lats and I gleamed these two movements from it: 1)decline cable pullovers and 2)decline ez-bar pullovers. They both kick ass, and doing decline allows more range of motion.