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Ian King question...

Hey guys, i’m new to t-mag, I was refered over here by a guy at menshealth to look up Ian Kings “Super Strength” and “Limping” 12week routines… Ive looked for a few hours and am not sure where to find them… if someone could give me a hand I would really appreciate it…


Go to the T-Mag homepage. In the lower left corner is a white box. Type in: “Ian King Super Strength” or “Ian King Limping” or “Ian King Great Guns.” Anyone of those will give you a list of pages referring to the program. Hope this helps.

Look up in the FAQ at www.testosterone.net

Go to the FAQs on the current issue and page down, you’ll see a few references to Ian’s programs.

Your best bet is to click on the FAQ and then click on the T-Mag FAQ. You should find the programs there. Otherwise, you can search (box to the lower left) for these programs and you should be able to find them there. Otherwise, you could also look through the previous issues. It’s an older, but excellent program, so it starts back around issue 70 or something.