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Ian King Programs

Hello every one.

I know that a lot of people here use Ian King training programs, but the majority seems to use it for body composition. How many of you use these methods for powerlifting and strength training programs? If you have good knowledge, I ask your advice on my training sheets on excel.

Its a 3*8weeks cycle neural-hypertrophy/neural and neural specialization. I’ve had add awesome abs 4 cycles modified version by myself and add supraspinatus, teres minor, serratus and infraspnatus exercises.

P.M your e-mail and these programs will be yours, the only condition Is that I want and overview of them by youself and your opinions/advices to upgrade It, this Is one of the purposes of my post today!

Keep fighting

By the way using the neural phase my deadlift increased from 465 to 550lb 1RM, my bench was out (working on some rotator cuff, serratus for stabilization deficit) et my squat came from 375 to 435lb. Bent-over row 190-212lb.

All of this in a 8 weeks cycle.

lolllllll ok I get the point.