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Ian King makes me fat...

Well, not just Ian King, but he has a lot to answer for! I’m in the 4th stage of his Limping/Strength series, and loving it. This is the stage that works on stressing the neural system through very heavy, low reps, one or two exercises only, 10 sets total. I have achieved my best ever max lifts, and it’s been the key to getting me to sort out my form on things like deads and squat. But the drawback with all this is that I’m just getting plain fat! My abs have gone, I look pasty around the waist, and my jeans are feeling tight. I look solid, but not defined. Basically, fat. I’ve kept my calorie level high (not quite Massive Eating levels, but close) throughout this, but I think I need to start winding this down. I guess the problem is that this stage of the routine doesn’t lead to an increase in energy expenditure during a workout, and so what surplus calories are taken in just gets stored as fat. So, what have others done to redress this problem - cut the calories back to maintenance or below? Add cardio (I don’t do any, in the belief that you need to not stress your recovery ability)? Add L-Carnitine to my diet? I’m also doing a course of Mag-10 (one more week to go), but maybe Mag-10 shouldn’t be taken during such a low volume routine. Ideas?

I’m thinking that eating too much made you fat, not Ian. :slight_smile:

I think that whenever you are trying to bulk up you are going to add some fat. I know I did. So you can either taper off on some of your calories or add some cardio; HIIT is effective. Two; you can switch to a cutting cycle.

I just finished Ian kings 12 week advanced limping/strength program and decided in the 4th stage to drop my carbs down a bit. I actually ended up only having 2 P+C meals a day, and it worked out great. Even though I made heaps of progress on my lifts I still kept my abs visible. I’m the type of person who does well on more fat meals than carb ones, work out if you are aswell. Ian King would never make anyone fat on purpose!

Thanks for these comments. I suspected that with a routine like the one in the 4th stage something regarding diet or cardio had to give - either cut back on calories, or up the expenditure through HIT or cardio. I also work well on diets that are low in carbs/high in fats, but the suggestions for those on an androgen like Mag-10 are to up the carbs to around 50% or so. I don’t think Ian has ever written in his articles his view on a good diet to follow while on his programs - that would be an interesting read. Whatever I do I need to make sure my recovery ability isn’t impacted as it is very easy for me to overdo the workouts and need a few days to get over the damage. I need to eat right and watch the volume and intensity.