Ian King in Mind and Muscle Power

This board is so cool. A while back somebody posted a workout by Charles Poliquin from an old MM2K. What I would like (please!) is for somebody to post the shoulder specialisation workout that Ian King wrote for Mind and Muscle Power last year, as I couldn’t get hold of it anywhere. Anybody got it?

Front Shoulder Press: warm up sets:1x15 @ bar; 1x10 @ 50-60%; 1x8 @ 70-80%, Work sets: 2x6, speed: 311, rest: 2-3 minutes

Back Shoulder press-shoulder-width grip: warm up sets: 1x6 @60%, work sets: 1-2x 8-10, speed: 311, rest: 2-3 minutes

Back Shoulder press-wide grip: no warm up sets, work sets: 1x15-20, speed of movement: 311, rest: 2-3 minutes

Standing lateral DB Raises: no warm up sets, work sets: 1x8-12+, 1x8-12+, 1x8-12+, speed of movement: 321, no rest

Two shoulder workouts per week

Thanks for the routine naclar. It looks like one he posted in a t-mag heavy metal column. Is it this same routine that is repeated (to make 2 shoulder sessions per week), or is there another workout? Thanks!

Jonathan, the article gives this one workout, and Ian says to attempt to do it twice per week. It also says to start out conservatively in the first week, and increase the work-set weight each subsequent week…hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for the help maclar. If I can do anything similar to help you (or anyone else) I would be delighted to do so. (I have LOTS of back copies/articles by various aothors).

No problem Jonathan…man, I wonder if they’re ever gonna revive that mag, or if Ori’s gonna write that book on the Warrior Diet?