Ian King in Men's Health

I just picked up the December issue of Men’s Health, It’s usually not a bad mag. As I flipped through I saw a description of the westside deadlift. I thought “Oh cool, they got some good info”. Then Later I see an article called “The Secret Life of Muscles” Which advocates squating deep, deadlifting, dips, and speaks against running. As well as other great info usually known only to those that don’t read “Muscle and Fitness” And I thought, Holy crap, am I actually reading good info out of a magazine? (outside T-Mag of course)

Then I saw the By Line for the acticle: Ian King and Lou Schuler.

That answered my questions! Thanks to Ian for teaching the truth.


Men’s Health has always been a pretty good mag. It’s just not as ‘hardcore’ as t-mag.

Odd. But not quite as odd as when I was unpacking the other day and found a 1999 Muscle and Fitness in a box. I was leafing through it, trying to figure out why I’d saved it when I stumbled across a pic of a smiling John Berardi from Pitt U., listed as one of Muscle and Fitness’s “Big Muscles on Campus.”

Dave Tate is in it too and a blurb about Charles Staley as well.


Ian King and Lou Schuler did a book together that is put out by Men’s Health called the Men’s Health Book of Muscle. I’m reading it right now and it’s a great book with enough routines to last you your life (ok, maybe three years).

I have a lot of respect for the two authors. Ian King’s 12 week routines that can be found at T-Mag are the best. And recently, Lou Schuler wrote a book “The Testosterone Advantage Plan” which is pretty awesome.