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Ian King Conference Call

Did anyone listen to the Ian King Conference Call? I was out of town so I didnt get to call in. If so, what were some of the things discussed?

I was on the call and it was pretty cool. Topics such as injury prevention and workouts for football players were discussed. I asked Ian if full range Handstand Pushups between 2 chairs are safe for the shoulders and he stated that they are as long as one does not have any injuries and works into the range of motion gradually.

Man i hate that i missed that. If you dont mind could you briefly cover any points that maybe he hasnt said before.

Dude, you missed out on a good call.

Sorry to ask such a newbie ? but what are these things. I mean how do you listen or do you attend and how often are they.

Damn man. dont rub it in. ive made plans to be at home for the one next week. is there anyway you could find it in your heart to tell me a little about it?

Hey Goldberg you must’ve been one of those guys whose questions was read but since you weren’t there they weren’t answered!! Actually I’m surprised more people weren’t on the call I expected it to be a lot busier. There were a lot of questions on injury prevention, control drills etc. which are covered indepth in his books and videos. Of the training related questions I can recall one thing I learned is Ian’s great belief in results oriented training and not necessarily scientific oriented training. In other words put the athletes performance and feedback ahead of any preconceived notions that science may tell you…In other words, look to performance and then try to see how science can explain it rather than the other way around. One example he gave is that in the case of a sprinter to determine whether the individual should work more on explosive strength or plyometrics rather than using all sorts of tests to determine it is much more effective to simply ask the athlete “How do you feel about this portion (1st 30 meters, midway point, last half etc.)of your race?” and then base the protocol on the athletes feedback. He compared Carl Lewis to Ben Johnson and determined Lewis’s sprinting weakness was more explosive power and less S.S.C. due to his better performance towards the end of the race. For the training of an offseason advanced football player he recommended typically 4 strength training sessions per week along with 2 speed/ 2 technical-tactical and would limit conditioning to once per week to avoid negatively effecting power/size gains. There was quite a bit of promotion regarding his boot camps and courses which was all done by his students and none done by Ian which tells you they really are worth it and many trainers gave some staggering testimonials on how much their income has increased since implementing not only his knowledge but especially his business and paradigm development models. Hopefully he’ll host another one of these events in the future.

I was Nathan from Texas, the sprinter who asked about explosive power and reactive strength. Ian definately gave me a new perspective for planning my training. It was a great call and I’m surprised that there weren’t more people on it. An interesting point brought up was when Ian said that control drills are almost always done at the beginning of each workout and sometimes the control drills are the workout. Hey Kelly or Mike, was busy writing when he explained some of the ways he trained reactive strength, I don’t suppose you got that part and could relay it to me. Thanks in advance.

The more i learn, the more i realize i dont know. I read for about two hours every day and at the end of the day i feel like i know less than i did at the beginning of the day.

Has anyone purchased any of his videos? I have four of his books, How to Write, Winning and Losing, Foundations, and So you Want to be a Strength Coach. They are all great and i have learned a great deal. I want to learn as much as possible. Any thoughts?

Reactive strength I recall he mentioned plyometric type drills but he didn’t really go into much detail.

I have viewed Ian’s tapes. The flexibility tape and the injury preventation & rehab tape were the most useful in providing new information. His other tapes contained info I had already acquired through his 3 day boot camp and his Testosterone articles

Thanks man.