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Ian King Chest & Back Program

I have 2 questions for everyone who’s tried King’s chest and back routine. The first is how much rest do you take between the tri-sets? I’ve just been taking as long as it takes to set up for the next set of exercises. The other is, when you do the warm up sets, do you run through all 3 tri-sets (in the first phase) at once (i.e. warm-up, warm-up, warm-up, work, work, work) or do you warm up for each triset as in order (i.e. warm-up, work, warm-up, work, etc)?


When i did it i did 1 warm up, then 1 work set and then went to the next exercise…I think TC said exactly what ian wanted in some reader mail response awhile ago…

Ian seems to want you to do a warm-up set every time you change the joint angle, such as incline press and bench press would each require a warm-up, however, reverse curls and hammer curls would only need 1 warm-up set. When I did it last month I would do 1-3 warm-up sets for the tri-sets depending on the different angle changes. For ex. on the bi tri-set I did 1 warm-up but on the chest tri-set I did 3 warm-ups and then the work sets. Remember, a few warm-up sets are necessary to get you ready for the work set but where Ian seems to have excessive warm-ups is because in the long run you won’t have put so much wear and tear on your joints. So if you miss a warm-up towards the end of the workout it’s no big deal but as you start to load more weight you better not miss many. Hope this helps.