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Ian King Boot Camp

Have any of you guys been to an Ian King Boot Camp or Seminar?
What was it like?
Was it worth the money?
Did you learn about training or development of a business?
Thanks for any help

I attended his Ian King’s boot camp two years ago. I was dissappointed because 30 to 40% of the content was aimed at improving a Personal Training business. That was not the reason I attended the boot camp. However, for those that attended who were interested in developing a Personal Training business I know the information Ian offered help them greatly. I wanted to learn more about training myself. The information Ian offered concerning training was excellent.

If you want my honest opinion having gone myself and driving my wife insane complaining about it non-stop for years on end, about not only the high price, ($1200 US to be exact)for 3 days, even though we were quoted canadian rates at the time of booking, you won’t learn anything more than you already know. As for challenging him on any issues, such as training concerns, good luck topic will be changed immediately… no joke. Put it this way, if you ever wanted to learn anything off Ian King’s Boot Camp, other than SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED DOUGH FOR ONE), this would explain 80% of the 5 people invited going up to his hotel room to buy all of his video and book bundles at $1500??? TALK ABOUT ANTHONY ROBBINS LARGE!!! This is on top of the $50.00 forced breakfasts at the hotel and the $100.00 lunch deals. I think the restaurant made there alltime revenue in those 3 days. I’m lucky to still have a wife considering my burning empty holed up pockets at the end of all this… I can honestly say I was cut-off from any future spendings where this topic was a concern and that’s not all I was cut-off from if you know what I mean which brings me to the palm sisters. The attendees were also aloof, they didn’t even know what P.N.F stretching was and we spent a whole day on this topic. Hope this helps, if you have money to throw away and no wife then I encourage you to attend. Please excuse me while I call 911—as I feel some tightening in my chest.


I went to one of his weekend seminars. It was the exact same thing that was in one of his books. Nothing special at all.


I’ve been to TWO Ian King boot camps - both were definitely worth the investment - however they were aimed at business development for strength coaches (this was what was asked by the seminar attendees though).

If you are interested in the training business it is definitely worth the investment.

The only positive outcome out of the boot camp was that i had greater confidence in myself as a strength coach,mainly because if i cant learn anything of a world renown strength coach like Ian King,then i must be on the right path.All of my cooleagues told me not to go,but i wanted to see how much more advanced he was compared to me,my co-workers gave me an example of a strength coach charging cash to take you from point A to point C,only to bring you back to point C.I dont recommend seminars to anyone.All the info is out there,If your motivated you ll find it,If your not willing the I dont know.Theres a personal trainer at a gyn I go to, suposedly this guy is a Poliquin Intern,and this guy routinely asks me questions.I sincerely hope hes lying,but If not ,hes just another victim like me.