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Ian King Book ??

I really like Ian Kings training ideas. Any of you that have his book, do you find it really helpful? Or, could I just get most of his ideas from this site. Reason being?, I live in Canada and it would end up costing me about $60 since our dollar sucks. Thanks in advance for any input.

Buy How to Write Strength Training Programs. It is a little bit more in depth

Worth it!

If you don’t already know all the basics, it’s a great book to get. Most of the material in the book is not in the site. The book does not contain all the 12 week programs on the site.

I found it to be a waste of money. You can find at t-mag almost everything he wrote in the book.

Chris Shugart wrote some articles called The Ian King Cheat Sheets. Look’em up at t-mag. The book is more indept of course, but those articles sum up most of the big concepts.

King should have used a spell checker. An editor would have been asking too much. Was King sober the weekend he wrote “Buffed”?

Fleck and Kraemers designing resistance training programs is a very good read, but then so I.K’s Get Buffed, not as in depth sure, but it touches upon areas not covered by the other. And thats the crical point, there is no one tome which will provide you with all the knowledge you seek. Once you’ve read a few books in the field you’ll soon realise this. But here’s a suggestion that has saved me so far and estimated $600, borrow them from your library and read through them scanning the stuff you want to keep as you go. I don’t know what the situation is in Canada, but here in Australia even a small local library can arrange an interlibrary loan with other community libraries or Uni libraries. There is usually a negligible cost involved usually under $5, buy when compared to the price of buying the book outright, hey who’s complaining? Even if you don’t own a scanner they’re as cheap as chips these day’s, a good one can be purchased for under $150 and will come bundled with word recognition software, (e.g. omnipage). Your initial outlay would be recouped after the first two or three books and you’d then find yourself ahead of the game.Why not look into it? You’ve got nothing to lose. Hope you find this hepful.

Thanks guys.