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ian king ab program

hey guys. has any one else started ian king’s 12 week ab program? i’ve got a couple of questions about form…first, when doing the thin tummy drill, are the muscles you flex the same muscles that flatten your lower back to the floor and tilt your pelvis forward? also, when doing the reverse curl downs and slow up, slow down movements…do you curl your torso up (in a rolling motinon), or bend up using your hips sort of like a hinge with your back flat? and lastly, i seem to sort of tip over a lot doing some of these slow movements (esp the ones where both your legs and torso are off the ground. anyway to improve balance so i don’t look like such a dork when i fall over?

thanks guys

I’m brining a post back from the dead because I’d like an answer to one of the parts myself.

Thin Tummy: same muscles tilting the pelvis and flattening the back? I do these every other day, but I’m afraid I might be making an abortion of them b/c I’m not sure I’m following instructions correctly.