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Ian King + 4-ADEC?

I finally am about to start some of Ian King’s programs and just had a few questions. My plan is to simultaneously do the 12 week limping series, 12 weeks to super strength, and 12 week awesome abs program (2 days a week for limping, 2 for super strength, and ab program after all workouts). I also wanted to try 4 ADEC during the first 10 weeks and tribex/M for recovery in the last 2 weeks of the program. Hopefully I should be able to put on a deceent amount of mass with this combination (don’t worry, the diet is allready taken care of). Anyways, should I alter these programs in anyway given that i will be taking 4 ADEC? i know ian designs his programs for the natural trainee and these programs are relatively low volume compared to something like Growth Surge. Should I add more sets or maybe go to failure more often instead of just on the last week of each phase? Also, for those of you who did the limping and superstrength together did you alternate phases so that you were doing an odd phase upper body and even phase lower body, and if so which combination did you use? any comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

just bringing this back to the top. i’d really like to hear some opinions about this. thanks