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Iam doing a Andriol 40mg cycle

i am doing a Andriol 40mg cycle during 6 weks on,2 weeks off , and 6 weeks on ! I used 320 mg per week during first six weeks with 50mf of Dufine (clomi in usa i think )! I still used dufine every day during 2 weeks off, and then in second round of the six weeks i grow de dosage of andriol to 360 mg per day and i stoped with Dufine to start taking 3 pils of Isostak from Universal nutrition !i heat a lot of protein more then 2 grms per pound and carbs but i only star see some results after de 8th week when i started using arninine alfacetugluterato and ornithine with creatina and dextrose !
1- I am doing the cycle right ?
2-Did Isostack have power enought to inibit estrogen and bost natural test ?
3-Should i use Dufine again ? Should i use pregnyl in the end ? how much of it ?
4-i am thinking in doing another cycle after a month and a half after the andriol cycle ! With Sustenon and Testoviron 8 weeks and something in the end to cut like Primobolan or winstrol ! a month and a half it?s enought between a cycle like this one ?Could i stay barren? Hou much of this i should use and how much time ?what about protectors like nolvadex or dufine or pregnyl, when to use it and how much of them ?
5-here is a photo mine last year,when i did a testoviron 500 per week deca(nandrolone )100 per week cycle during 8 weeks with 1000 ius pregnyl 2 weeks on the midle , and 1000 ius per week during 3 weeks after the end, and nolvadex 10 mg since the begining to the end and i used 50 mg per day Dufine during 2 weeks after 2 weeks off ? Did i do it in the right way ?

I think Andriol is useless…I have never heard of ANYONE making significant gains on it…
Why Sostenon and Testoviron @ the same time?
Rethink your choices…Do a little research on some of the cycles that have been used by T-Members and get an idea of what a cycle should consist of…There are some VERY, VERY good examples that have been used in this forum…

Check out the steroid newbie thread. Use the search engine at the bottom left hand side of the screen. When you have done some reading put together a cycle with dosages included week by week, and we will critique it. Feel free to copy cycles that the vets have posted. Just post your cycle in a week by week format, including the drugs used and the amounts of each.

You are going to get a variety of answers when it comes to andriol. I have used it before and anything under 240mgs per day is a waste of gear. Andriol is very safe become it bypasses the liver and is absorbed through the portal vein. Don’t be alarmed by the dosage, for only a certain percentage is actually used by your body. As p-22 recommended read and learn more about how to construct a cycle. If safety is really a concern, Brian Bacheldor put together a few good articles about how to construct a cycle. I believe is recommendation are worth reading. Good luck.