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I3G Protocol 1 or 4?


Hi everyone,

I just got my 1st Indigo3G shipment yippppeeee!!! and I'm getting ready to start on the program tomorrow. I was wondering if I should follow protocol 1 or 4...I'm a woman somewhat of a beginner (at weightlifting though always been an athlete).

Been training for around 6mn now with a personal trainer 5-6x/week. My goal is to drop fat % to < 20% (currently @ 22.4% down from 29.9%) , so build muscle/tone up, drop another 10lbs.

Excited to start...


Drop a line on the live spill.

They are there for you I3G people. :slight_smile:


I'd suggest dropping a line on the livespill, but if you haven't received an answer to your question yet I would say protocol 4 for fat loss (I am assuming you are talking about the peri-workout nutrition supplement protocols they have outlined).