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I Would Want This For My Car


I think T-Nation should come out with one of those car stickers, you know like the ones you put on your car when you go to an elite college (back windshield).

The idea behind this is simple. T-Nation members can recognize each other on the roadways and show respect, either by a polite double honk and head nod or a hand gesture such as a wave.

The T-Nation symbol might be a good idea, maybe with the web page address written below it. I would refrain from the term testosterone used on the actual sticker, this may cause an unlawful search and seizure of your car if you get pulled over.

Well if you think this is a good idea say I, and if not I guess I will continue to rock my community college sticker.


I'd get MeanGenes on my license plate and cut you all off, every chance I got.



Fuck the police, make a testosterone sticker. If it's an unlawful search, they can't do shit in court if you tell them you don't allow searches.


^^^^^^ Who is that in your avatar and where do I find that picture?!?

I second this vote for the T-Nation sticker. It would look good with my elitefts one.


Damnit hockeychamp now it looks like I want your avatar! lol I mean the person above yours.




Top idea - I'd go for the Testosterone sticker with the T-Nation logo next to it. Maybe the URL underneath.

A few variations would be good too - maybe similar to the t-shirt's.

I, aye, eye.

Any chance TC? I'd definately buy a few.


Alright 5 people on board so far so if they charge 5.00 bucks a sticker thats like 25 bucks profit, minus production cost will leave them with 10 bucks, ha.

Honestly, I am sure more people will want these, they can be a big seller. They (T-Nation) will make some cash off these and if their real nice maybe they can throw it in when you spend over a hundo or something.


I'm game..hell, I'll stick it on my ass and walk around in public giving T-Nation a free sponsorship...niiicee


I would take one.


I think a better idea would be to make fun of all the nerdy kids with prestigious college university stickers on there cars and come out with a T-Nation university sticker.


I'd get that window paint and draw huge cocks all over your car.


Hey, didn't you draw a big cock on your face? I see a scary fascination in cocks...possible case of the ghey? LOL


analog_kid....not that funny man this is a serious post, but.......I say I to this topic because I would defiantly use one of those bumper stickers for my car just to rep the T-Nation Site.


who are you? you have 2 posts and your givin others crap and trying to "rep"?

i hate you

oh, and I btw...


Lol no one cares what you have to say man...seriously


^^^agree'd, hunnel why dont you just shut ur mouth with those stupid ideas or ill find where u live and steal all of ur Surge/Metabolic Drive. and then after i do that if u have a fiance which i mean why would you ill tell her about the paty mayo obsession you probably have


What country do you come from where the police are given the rights to seach your vehicle without any actual reason?
I am from Canada


I think that would be very gay.


It's December and I live in North Dakota - I want beanies and hoodies.