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I would like feed back

I want to try a few Nandrosol, Tribex cycles as outlined, but i have a concern. Its about acne, has any one who already had a litte bit of acne had increased breakouts by using this? any help would truly be appreciated.

I’m using Tribex, and I noticed a small increase in acne on my upper back and around the middle of my chest. It’s a very small increase, but that could be because I have very good skin and rarely have break outs anyway. I’ve also noticed that my forehead and nose are more oily, but I have not had any breakouts. I keep my face clean, so that has helped prevent facial outbreaks.

During my off week from Tribex, the acne begins to disapper, but as soon as I get back on the cycle it comes right back. it seems to be almost the exact same spots each time. But it isn’t anything I’m concerned about because it is a very small amount.

I’ve tried a couple of cycles of Tribex and stopped using it because of the intense increase in acne. I also gained about 15 lbs. of muscle which I would be hesitant to give up. Is the acne worth the 15 lbs? Well, the acne’s gone, but the muscle is still here. You’ll just have to decide for yourself.

No acne problems here, but I’m in my early 30’s. That might make a difference.

The only problem I have with Andro/Nandosol is insomnia. However, the results are worth it.

I’ve cycled androsol and tribex and the androsol gave me little or no increase in acne but the tribex made me breakout like crazy on my forehead but no where else. I am only 20 and have had bad acne since puberty so I’m sure that has to be taken into account.

I had one or two zits during my last cycle of Tribex/Androsol. Then again, I always have one or two sprout up occasionally, so I don’t know if it was the supps doing it or just a coincidence. Don’t care really, the results of the supps are well worth it.

thanks all, i think i will go with nandrosol and methoxy, and skip the tribex. thanx all