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I Would Appreciate Some Diet Help


I used to powerlift and compete in strongman, but i have since lost 150 pounds and have been doing SEALfit and GORuck challenges and things of that nature. I would like to get to and stay at 215 but I'm stuck at 227. This whole area is still relatively alien to me and i have been doing my research and experimenting but i am interested if anyone else out there has hit the wall and any diet and nutrition tips they used that really helped.


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When i hit 250 i kind of stalled out a bit on my progress so i used the Warrior Diet to get to where i am now but obviously that has stalled. As far as training goes i follow the SEALfit website workout of the day's, which is a mix of crossfit, rucking, running both distance and sprints, and weightlifting.


i used to do sealfit. I had good endurance