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I Won't Post a Log But...


check out Ouro's log + 100lbs.



Are calling me fat?


Come on now, BB.

Taking the first step is always the hardest.


I just got what he meant. We pretty much do the same thing. He just does more weight. It's a good thing I'm pretty because I'm not all that smart.


I didn't get it either until I read the first sentence in the last post. BB that's either lazy or efficient. How about O decides which? Lazy, you start a log, Efficient, you're cool.


All the ladies that post in this forum are pretty smart.


I'm just efficient, we both need to have a plan where we dont kick the shit out of each other too soon. O knows her weights and I need structure. I can go too nuts with the heavy shit, so in my off time I follow her stuff. When I get in the mood to get ready, it is my plan and the volume changes for me. I like it so far. It is funny though, how smart she is, and how dumb I actually am. It is yin and yang for dummies.



Worlds in the goal and Nationals is the stepping stone to that goal. We have to focus, and learn that it is a progression.



Good luck with that goal. I have a similar goal, just in o-lifting instead. Looks like its going to have to wait a year or more though for financial reasons. Would have to go to Cyprus this year and Ukraine the next. Gives me plenty of time to get stronger though.


Fortunately for us, Worlds Masters is 45 minutes down the road and is being organized by our club.


mine is "(peteS x .5)-100"