I Won't Debate My Opponent, Vote for Me!

How in the fuck did Katie Hobbs win vs Kari Lake in the Arizona Governor election? She refused to debate Kari Lake repeatedly, yet people are still willing to vote for her? I just don’t get it.

EDIT: solid video describing all of my beliefs about this:


…seems like people are moving on from the MAGA bullshit

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I would agree. I liked some of Trumps policies but not the man. We repubs need some fresh blood and not the Herschel Walker type either.


Can you move on from US politics? Go take your moose back to Canada.


Oh no your feelings again.

Before you go, can you tell Castro Jr. that his maple syrup tastes like communism with a side of social credit score?

Thanks for googling Kari Lake before commenting though!



These are kind of what I’m getting at. I saw a few videos pop up about poll workers who said the machines were broken down and ballots would have to be transported to a different location to be counted.

… You mean every voting maching was broken at that location, so some random person gets to transport ballots to an undisclosed location so they get counted there? That’s not fishy at all.

Not saying I’m an election denier, I’m saying there’s some shifty shit going on and people want answers. I think 90% of people are willing to accept the outcome of a vote when they trust the process, but there’s startlingly little clarity in the process…


The fix is in.


Figure it out, Hobbs is in charge of overseeing the election and she refused to recuse herself.

I thought it was a mistake for Hobbs to not debate Lake. And that decision may have made the election closer than it should have been.

I lived in Arizona for over a decade (remember Evan Mecham?). I actually helped managed a campaign for state office in the early 90s. Democratic and Republican politicians have been elected statewide for years and still are. It’s not a MAGA state and Lake was a MAGA vote.

A Republican like Sununu from New Hampshire would have performed better.

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Typical MAGA behaviour. Dismissive to those you don’t agree with. Insulting. No wonder MAGA is on the decline.

I think this is the case, and I think Hobbs knew this as well… there was no way Hobbs was going to win in any debate against Lake, so just not showing up was the right call to get elected.

It’s just disappointing to know that people will still vote for those who cannot stand and defend the policies of their own making.

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I have no idea how it works in Arizona, but in my election location in MN, we only had one machine that tabulated the votes.

I thought the folder cover thing went with the ballot, and almost jammed the machine haha.

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Arizona Republicans should try running a stroke victim or a dementia patient next time. That could potentially reel in hundreds of thousands of Democrats and independents who prefer politicians with obvious neurodegenerative conditions.


You can’t be MAGA if you’re considered legally retarded, right?

ANYTHING but Trump.
Or people Trump approves of.
Or people who look too much like Trump.
^Definitely not Chester Cheetah for that matter.

Is Terri Schiavo a Republican? Is it too late to frontline her?

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Does CTE count? They are trying that in GA.


Actually, I think the opposite is the case. I’m not convinced that anyone “wins” debates any more - at least not in the way we used to think about it in the 80s (consider the difference between the first and second Reagan Mondale debates, for example).

What disheartened Democrats nationally was the initial sense that not debating Lake made Hobbs look cowardly. Arizona Democrats - and a handful of independents - were less concerned about that than they were of a Lake governorship.

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Trump can barely put together a cohesive sentence but you probably think he’s sane.

Maybe MAGA is losing votes because Trump wants to keep the country gay.