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I wonder.....

We all know that steroids are abused in pro bodybuilding and now in baseball and who knows what other sports.

I am wondering how Ronnie Coleman put on 40 pounds of muscle in a year?? No bodybuilder has EVER been able to do this and they all take large amounts of steroids. Also…isn’t there a point of diminishing returns when it comes to the upper limits of usage? After a certain point; more would not do anything except increase your risk of side effects…right?

Maybe it is just because he is the most genetically gifted bodybuilder on the planet AND he trains with heavy freakin weight! There are pix of him in Flex magazine deep squatting 835 for reps…four weeks out from the contest!!! That is absurdly incredible! Steroids can only carry you so far in terms of strength. This man is PHENOMENOL!!!

Where do you get the 40lb increase from? Maybe he fucked up his pre-contest dieting last year and lost too much weight.

deep squatting 835 for reps? is that possible? i thought most people squatting even that much for a single were doing a westside-style squat. the difference between a parallel westside squat and a full backsquat, is, well…huge! i just find that number really hard to believe.

if he truely is that strong…well, i know poliquin said that he believes most bodybuilders are too weak for the cross sectional area of muscle, which he thinks hinders gains. if that’s true, and ron is really that strong, then perhaps that is another key to his size.

Well, typically most of the Mr. Olympia winners were not juts big, but strong too. But Coleman is just a genetic freak who can reach low body fat while eating McDonalds, or so I like to falsly believe so I can feel better about myself.

I agree with you morg…
Actually…the pic is of him “parallel westside” squatting with 855! not 835 …then there is a pic of him going ALL THE WAY down with about 595 (six plates on each side) for sets of 12 reps! And Ive heard of him front squatting over 500 for reps precontest also! geeze!!! I think Poliquin is full of it if he applies those statements to Coleman…and I almost worship Poliquin as a coach.
And whether he may have overdieted before…I dont’ think so…and water wouldn’t account for a 40# increase in weight either. Lets face it…this guy is a freak!!!
And he seems like a cool dude on top of all of that…and he publicly mentions God…which takes balls these days.

Botton line: Ronnie Coleman is a bad ass!!!

God-fearing law breakers. You have to love them.

i don’t think poliquin ever mentioned ronnie specifically. he was just saying a lot of bodybuilders in general. he mentioned some top guy not even being able to bench 315 for 6 reps.

yes Ronnie Coleman is a freak. If you view this video Ronnie Coleman the unbelievable. Then you will see him training 5 weeks out from the olympia in 2001.

It shows him rep 200 pound dumbells on incline and flat for 12 reps. Basicly stiff leg deadlift 800 pounds for 2 reps and 565 pounds for 3 reps on front squats…

as for him gaining 40 pounds for this years olympia it is true…if you compare stats from last year to this year…

Also a little bird told me that he took some new type of drug that expands your tissue cells… not sure if this is true but if you compare photos his abdomin is much larger than last years and I can only assume that is due to the drug expanding his organ tissue

Thats one of my points Ben Tyson. If all of them…and many other pro sport and amateur athletes are breaking the law…its an even playing field.
That doesn’t explain the existance of someone like Ronnie.
He’s a genetic freak not afraid of hard work!!
Ive followed his career for many years…I admire the guy.

i heard he was using mag-10 this year!

Like Cold Hearted said, watch Ron Coleman’s video. It will either make you never want to pick up a weight again because of total discouragement or will totally inspire you to train harder and more intensely.
He is using crazy weights and before a lot of lifts starts blaring out “LIGHT WEIGHT, LIGHT WEIGHT”
Ronnie is crazy strong. Drugs or no drugs.

morg and others: ronnie has been described as powerliftings greatest ever loss. Read it somewhere dont know where… anyway…

to the starter of the thread… i dont think ronnie did actually gain 40 pounds… he did compete in the olympia 40 pounds heavier, but 5 weeks out of this olympia and last years olympia i think there was little difference… the difference being that last year he has a disasterous last couple of weeks and lost waaaaaaaaaaay to much weight, all he did this year was have a better cutting strategy… this could be entirely wrong but it was the impression that i had, hopefully someone can either confirm that this is correct or total shit :slight_smile:

also to the person who asked if its possible to squat deep with over 800 pounds i think it was mel siff (who is about as reputable source as anyone on the entire planet) that said he saw serge redding to FRONT squats with like 880, keep in mind that serge is undoubtedly one of the most powerful people to have lived

RC didn’t “gain” 40 lbs of muscle this year. He just dieted a lot better. If you compare him to two years ago, he’s not that much bigger (although in vastly better shape).

As for no one ever having done it before, Casey Viator - in the now-classic “Colorado Experiment” back in the 70s - re-gained 60 pounds of muscle in two months. For these guys, it’s not impossible at all.

It is called taking an even more absurd amount of steroids and hgh than before, combined with phenomenal genetics.

Or maybe it was nothing more than just all the over the counter supplements that sponsor him!


what video are you talking about?

Awww come on JP…your being way too cynical!;0-)
I agree with you Char dawg…but the difference is that Casey was undertrained at that time and Ronnie was not. Thats what made the Viator transformation questionable altogether.

you insult all sports by calling bodybuilding a sport.A sport must contain athletes and ,sadly, bodybuilders are “wanna-be” athletes. Just speakin the truth. And whatever you do don’t believe anything you see in Flex magazine…that is all

Louden Swain what was the point of your post other than to inform me just how close minded you are.

Yes bodybulding is a sport…

Bodybuilding: the developing of the body through exercise and diet; specifically : the developing of the physique for “COMPETITIVE” exhibition

so go back in the hole you crawled out of

OH…I believe EVERYTHING I read in Flex magazine! Right! Give me a physical break!

I believe the pix I saw in Flex and I believe the people here who have Ronnies video and contend that it is for real.

Don’t try hijacking the thread with the sport issue.
We’eve already established that it IS.