I Wonder If Lumberjacks Kept Logs...

Diet is going well.

Switched from fish oil to fish caps. More EPA/DHA per gram considering the brand I was using.


Took out the shrimp and replaced it with more beef.

Looking better in the mirror.

Yay. This fucking thread again!! :slight_smile:

Diet is getting easier to manage without as much thought: 6 days low carb, one day high carb (cheaty). Skipping the Surge for a while, though, till I get down to where I want to be, then I’ll likely be using it pre-peri-post-workout (half a serving before, half during, one whole after). But thats going to be for when my main objective is putting on muscle.

I’m still looking better in the mirror, but the scale is about the same. Havent checked it in more than a week, just looking at the mirror is good now.

The EDT was fun, but I’ve started doing a kind of bastardized westside program (was that a collective groan I just heard? Sweeet).

I’m still working out three times a week, with A and B exercise selections, each one consisting of four exercises (upper body push/pull either horizontal or vertical, and legs hamstring specific/quadricep specific).

The default set/rep is 10x3, for most exercises, with a minute rest between sets. On monday (day after my carb up) I’ll be doing a max effort leg exercise (squat or deadlift, alternating). On friday, I’ll be doing a max effort upper body exercise (weighted pull up or weighted dips… I like dips > bench because if I hit failure its easier to jump down than get the bar away from me if I dont have a spotter).

Set/rep for ME is 3,3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1. Resting two/three minutes before the singles.

On fridays, instead of squats/deads, I’ll be doing good mornings/box squats.

Wednesday is going to be sort of a whatever day: Take the exercises and do something interesting (drop sets, 1-6, giant sets, EDT). I figure having a day like this will keep things interesting and fun.

Also, jogging 2 miles 3x a week, on non lifting days. Went out today, my time was 22.01. Its been a while, give me a break.

I’ll also be recording my ME singles for the squat, deadlift, dip, and chin.

Wish me luck. Or something.