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I Wonder if Crossfitters................


still talk bad about all those juiced up bodybuilders that don't know the secret of real training????? I wonder if this is a physique built on 100% Paleo dieting and kipping pullups. Maybe a few well placed KB moves as well?

I'm not going to deny that this girl is a great athlete, I've seen videos of her from years past. But there is a "slight" physique enhancement going on and she is one of the Crossfit originals I believe. I have nothing against "physique enhancement", however don't shit in my pool and claim your turds don't stink!! ( not sure if that makes sense, but you get my point)


I wish I had shoulders like her.....


Me friggin too!


It's a her?


Paleo diet with ZONE MACROS.

Let us not forget THAT bizarroness.


Reminds me of the old joke about Serena Williams.

Serena confesses to her sister Venus that she suspects their father or mother have been slipping physique enhancers into her food.

Venus asks her how she knows.

Serena replies "because I have suddenly started growing all these big, black wiry hairs in funny places"

Venus asks "like where?"

Serena replies "oh.....mainly on my cock and balls."


I love this one.


I'm absolutely sure that if you go to the Crossfit boards there would be innumerable "She could totally kick my ass!" comments.

I used to frequent that board and it seemed like that was the only way the guys could think to compliment the women.


I guess he is the new Zyzz.


Fuzzy is that you? lol


She looks good. Nice legs and shoulders.


yep. amazing athlete. i wonder if she is natural or taking enhancements. bloody lucky genetics either way. and a crap load of hard work too, of course.


she is beautiful


She's behind the other chick in the Prowler push.


Good point. But they'd both kick the referee's ass. He's lost the will to live.


Any dude that could get his ass beat by one of those chicks needs some serious manning up. Pathetic.


Did you see the guy non-refereeing the prowler race? He's cruising for a bruising. The crowds aren't cheering the competition: they're baying for his blood. These are some very cross crossfitters here.


who is she?


I will never understand the "how" or "why" how people who stand out in a crowd (because of hard work) attract so much bullshit from people on this site.


That happens everywhere.