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I Won my State Championship!


113kg/135kg = 248kg total ( previous best was 233kg )


Boy, I wish I could hit a 15kg PR total . . .

Solid lifting, and those lifts at the end of the video looked good, getting stronger, making progress. Mad gainz.


Looking strong and congrats on the PBs.



Congrats on the 1st place. Was wondering what Russian squat program you used?



Are you subbed to my channel? I'll be releasing a video on it soon once all my newly upgraded equipment arrives.


Inspiring. Nicely done.


Brilliant lifting. Your first pull is incredible, crazy strong. Your clean grip looks pretty wide, just wondering is it actually wide or is it just the video and how do you find the wider grip works for you?


Yeah it's a wider than normal clean grip. I changed it earlier this year because it was comfortable and it didn't negatively affect the lift. Makes the jerk a bit easier too because the bar travels less distance to achieve lock-out


[quote]Tys wrote:
113kg/135kg = 248kg total ( previous best was 233kg )

Damn good job! Wish I could do Olympic type lifts.