I Wish MY Supplements are That Potent!

In case it hasn’t been posted on this site yet, Seattle Mariners pitcher Ryan Franklin has been busted for steroids. Of course, he’s taking the “Gosh, I don’t know how I flunked that test!” route. Here’s the story: http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Baseball/MLB/2005/08/02/1156759-ap.html

Funniest whine in that article: “I’ll never take [supplements] again. … I won’t even take a vitamin until I’m done with baseball. … I hate what’s happened for the organization, for me, and my family. I’m done with taking anything.”

C’mon, ZMA and bedtime Grow! shake. Rincon, Palmeiro, and Franklin… why not ME? Why not NOW?

My supplements that potent?

Yeah I wish I had Winny in my supplements too, just like Palmiero. If they let that fucker in the Hall of Fame and not Pete Rose it is a total travesty. What a buch of bullshit.

Man i am never gonna buy the 5 lbs of protein for 25 bucks again. You never know when(or why) the manufacturer will add expensive and illegal Winstrol to my powders or even multi viatimin pills.

It’s possible that he’s telling the truth if there was some kind of tampering with the test, but blaming supplements is just stupid.

More bad press about supplements in general, and more fuel to the fire for those ignorant, lazy, gealouse ass holes who want to ban them without knowing the first thing about them.