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I Wish I Could Be a Girl for a Day


I wish I could be a girl for a day. Just to see what's up. Ya know what I mean?


I'd just take naked pictures of myself.


fucking lol


If I were a guy for a day, I would pee everywhere, and masturbate A LOT.



And scratch my balls.


After close to 30 years, it never gets old...

How much is a lot?


Until it fell off and I became a woman again.




I'd try and hook up with another girl
Play with myself
Get stuff for free
Play with myself some more
...especially the boobs...mmm boobs


So you can get hit on by guys! Get laid! Give a blow job! Get licked! A little anal in there some where! Think I'll pass thanks anyway!


If I could be a girl for a day, I would wash dishes like I'm supposed to.


no matter how hard you try, it never falls off.


You know this from personal experience?


Gay guys do those things on a daily basis.


If I was a girl for a day, I would make an internet forum telling people what I would do if I was a guy.




Watch What women want and then watch tootsie and then watch Mrs Doubtfire and then watch stepmom and then tell me you wouldn't want to just for one day




You never fail to make me laugh!!


Not often trying to pull the thing off, well okay, sometimes...

But yes, doesn't fall off.