I Will Pay You to Make Me Ripped

Hey guys,

I’ve been on the forums for a while and I’ve made a ton of progress thanks to you guys.

But I’ve accepted that I simply don’t have the knowledge and the self-discipline to get to the truly excellent level. I need a mentor, and I realize that no one is going to do it for free. As Dave Tate said in a recent article, I’ll just pay someone to get me lean. Who better than my fellow T-Nation members?

Here’s the deal:

John Berardi offers a group online coaching and guarantees his results for $99/mo. Two problems:

  1. I don’t want to wait until his next class
  2. I don’t want to pay that much

That’s where you come in. I’m sure there are plenty of really smart, really qualified trainers and lifters on this forum who don’t have the reputation like CT or Berardi but are just as capable of getting someone into amazing shape. I want to help you. I want this bad enough that I will be your guinea pig and pay you for it, and I will post your results so people can see the success you brought me through your programs and nutritional advice. Here’s what I want

-I am at 192lb @ 11.2% body fat as of today
-I want to get to approx. 205 @ 7-8%. Getting down to that body fat % is the highest priority
-I’ll give you 6 months
-Whatever you offer, I want a guarantee. If I get there and give it 100%, you get paid. If I don’t, you don’t get paid (hey, Berardi offers a guarantee on his money). If I slack, that’s my fault and you still get paid.

Here’s what you do

-Complete workout program, tailored to me
-Complete nutritional/supplement program, tailored to me
-Any advice along the way, all through the forums

In return, I will give you 100%. I will start a thread with all of my workout progress and post pictures of my physique progress so you can showcase the transformation if you are an up-and-coming trainer. I won’t bitch or ask questions about your methods – I’m paying you to make me ripped, so I will trust your methods. I know that what I’m doing isn’t working and I need help. Please PM me if you’re up for it, I really want a mentor and a coach. Send me what you’d want to be paid a month and how much progress you can make if I’m under your wing, and the best offer wins.

So you want someone to work with you for 6 months in the hopes that you pay them after it’s over?

Also your goals are lofty and honestly pretty unrealistic unless you are looking to use drugs for the first time or have exceptional genetics and have just been lax with diet/training.

This post really bugs me.

you are probably going to get flamed for your post… ok you’ll definitely get flamed for this post

grabs some popcorn and sits back

So basically you want to lose fat and gain muscle as fast as possible, all without having to put any significant investment into it.

Not only that, YOU (the one making the deal) are putting all the risk on US.

Gtfo and stop being lazy. No one in their right mind would take your deal.

so much potential here

sits on gregon’s lap

holy awesomesauce

grabs steak and nomnoms

Oh boy. The fire trucks are going to have to hose this thread down. I’m a part-time pt…it almost seems like a challenge…almost.

nut up and pay for Berardi >_> for what you’re asking I doubt anyone
would consider it worth their time

You got this dude, I mean your my age, with a lil more reasearch and due diligence, you don’t need anyone’s help. Advice and pointers yeah sure but I think you are entirely capable.

I’d PM this guy to see if he will take you on as a trainee before his schedule fills up.

No one reputable will work for the possibility of being paid. I work with only a few clients at my gym, due to time constraints, and more importantly the fact that I don’t do free consultations for members. You want my time and expertise, you deal accordingly.


Ill pay you to delete this post and leave the forum.

You dont get the money until you are totally gone though.

Wait, OP, I’ll do it!!!

I’ll take the job.

^^Ok so If your program doesnt work then you have to get the tattoo of a zombie who’s arms were ripped off deadlifting… across your whole back

Greg, you can draw it however you want! I will nawt fail.

[quote]gregron wrote:
you are probably going to get flamed for your post… ok you’ll definitely get flamed for this post

grabs some popcorn and sits back[/quote]


[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Greg, you can draw it however you want! I will nawt fail.[/quote]

I wish I had really good art skills cause then I totally would do it. Wish there was someone on this board like that hint-hint

You’re asking for someone to make you gain 20lbs of lean muscles mass in 6 months, while also winding up extremely lean from where you are now…

As has been mentioned, unless you plan on using drugs this is just retarded, since if you had the genetics to do something like that it’s doubtful you would be asking for such help.


Go hire Shelby Starnes or someone then. This is just silly as hell.