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I Will No Longer Post in This Forum


Because of the amount of douchebags posting in this forum and the people who argue about 'bodybuilding' when the forum is titled 'bodybuilding' I am out.

I will continue to post here at T-Nation, but no longer in this forum.

Good riddance to the assholes and dipshits, and for those of you that follow bodybuilding I'll be glad to continue to discuss bodybuilding with you but no longer in this thread.

This is my protest.



I'll never forget where I was when I heard this news.


What news?


I hear you Gerdy.

You can still feel free to post in the "Trying DoggCrapp" thread and BOI thread on this forum. There are still serious BB'ers discussing things in those threads, with very little (none really) tolerance for bashing of BB'ing.


The earth shattering news that someone won't post in a forum anymore.


What a load....where on earth do you see this giant resistance to "bodybuilding" exactly? Since the changes to the site, people seem to be actually discussing bbing in the bbing forum.

Now, the RMP forum has been shot to hell with shapeless amateurs getting praise from fucking 5K runners for being lean and functional.




btw: j/k


i have no idea what youre talking about either, the BBing section has been alright lately. BOI is running strong, there were a couple decent discussions scattered but this is BBing and youre gonna wind up with the occasional idiot or two because everyone whos lifted weights for 2 weeks thinks theyre bodybuilders.


Get over it, no matter where you go, there will always be some clique that pisses you off, so like most have indicated....big whoop, deal with it and don't socialize with the "assholes and dipshits".


Anyone got a link to the last thread that pissed him off?



thats my guess.


I understand where DG is coming from.

The guy has accomplished some serious shit, wanted to hear about others that had too, and some retard comes in and shits on his sunny day. His thread was going to be ultra informative and a pretty cool read, but alas some people have to go full retard.

(I know this is a bad comparison, but...) It's like at work when I'm trying to talk investments at lunch, you know, to get richer, and the fucktard vaginafaces I work with laugh at me and start talking about "how awesome the Hills was last night." That shit makes me want to vomit...

So I get where he is coming from, especially when he gets shit from a site that is supposed to revolve around the sport.

(No vaginaface isn't my word, but I like it so I use it now. Many thanks to it's author.)


Seems to me like somebody is a little too sensitive. By refusing to post in this forum I think that the "assholes and dipshits" have had their way with you and won, they pissed you off and now you're running away. Not a very manly thing to do...aren't body builders supposed to be manly??


Don't let scotacus get to you DG. There are still some of us who want to be bodybuilders that can't post in the T-Cell.


I doubt DG is reading any of this


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You are baby shit soft. Go cry somewhere else. For someone that claims to be a bodybuilder your legs are embarassing.

Take care softy


Woah, how about you show off your progress then?


I for one know exactly what Gerdy is talking about... Pay us a visit in BOI, the cell and the DC threads man.