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I Will Never Look Big

This is ridiculous i finally hit 196lbs all the way from 3 years ago where i was 130lbs both at 6ft 1 and i still think i look skinny. My arms are even bigger than my roommate’s who has GIANT looking arms and hes just 1 inch shorter than me, my arms dont look anything close to his. Im convinced ill have to hit 230lbs in order to look semi big.

Sorry to stick on the arms thing but my other roommates arms look a lot bigger than mine yet i can lift so much more than he can, its just frustrating because most people judge how built you are on the size of your arms.

6ft 1 196 is still pretty skinny.

You are going to have to have added a lot of mass from your starting point to look big because of how amazingly underweight you were to begin with and your height.

70 lbs isn’t insignificant. But yeah, most people have a skewed idea of what it takes to look big. You have realized a fairly important truth.

And, hate to break it to you, but you’ll need a little more than 230 to look big.

As for arms, make sure you are doing direct arm work.

I know what you’re saying man.

I would sweet talk you, saying that “it’s not that bad” and “you should be happy where you are!”

But that’s bull and I would rather receive a realist’s feedback.

The genetics side of things sucks. The way people judge you by arm size sucks. The fact that you’re taller sucks for putting on weight. The fact that you work harder and have gotten stronger than, but not bigger than, your roommate sucks.

Keep it up and the good stuff will come. Read something inspiring to fuel you and then dial it in.

Body dysmorphic disorder, maybe? Be proud of your progress and keep gaining.

use it as fuel for the fire, a taller guy thats big looking is always more impressive than a shorter guy that looks big

Gotta believe to achieve

i agree with the above post.

196 is a decent weight. I am at 185 from 140 one year ago - all at 5’ 11" and I definitely still think I look small. Especially in the stomach area - just looks soft to me.

It is cool that you recognize that you aren’t where you want to be but you have to make sure that that realization is going to push you harder toward your goals; not set you back.

Eat. More. Cows.

i share your anxiety brother. i weighed in at 237 pounds, and still felt incredibly small…

and i am 5’10

but under 200 pounds for your height is not large, but keep making progress and it will come to you.

You won’t ever look big with that attitude. Come on man, buck up and keep lifting.

6’1 and 196 isn’t big. In fact it’s below average for your height IMO at least for someone that works out.

Now, you’ve come a long way so just realize that it is just going to take a little more time.

Hell, at 5’8 and 198 I wasn’t even big.

At your height you might want to aim for at least 230 (and go from there) if you want to look like you have some size on you.

Yes, you will have to hit 230 to look big, but at the rate you’ve been going that’s only 2 more years. Don’t puss out now.

I can’t even imagine what a 6 foot tall person looks like at 130lbs…wow.

You’ve put on nearly 70 pounds, there has to be a huge difference in the way you look. If you’re getting frustrated, dig out some old pictures and compare.

Schwarzenegger was 235-240 @ 6’2 in competition shape. He got to about 260-270 off season. Serge Nubret was 200lbs @ 6’ on-stage. You may be 196lbs but your actual lean body mass is probably much lower. So you’ll simply need to gain more. Also don’t forget that 130 for someone your height is very very thin. You’ve come a long way, man. Time to take it further. Maybe you should shift some of that effort onto form and focusing on the muscles.

You have already demonstrated the ability to gain muscle. 230 at over 6 ft is well within your means. You want bigger arms, prioritize them. If they are lagging, give them the attention they need. Thats fucking bodybuilding. Stop worrying about your roomate. I am fucking furious I don’t have the guns of a prime ronnie coleman, but it gets me nowhere, understand? He aint you. Be in the lifting game for the long haul and it will come.

just keep swimming

I think you should go on Tyra and talk about it with the audience.

[quote]Majin wrote:
Shwarznegger was 235-240 @ 6’2 in competition shape. He got to about 260-270 off season. Serge Nubret was 200lbs @ 6’ on-stage. You may be 196lbs but your actual lean body mass is probably much lower. So you’ll simply need to gain more.[/quote]

Good point. If you got a light skeletal frame a LEAN 196 @ 6’1 can look not massive, but decent. But on a big skeletal frame at 196 you look like shit, and even worse if you are fat or semi fat.

For instance my little bro who doesn’t lift weight is almost as heavy as me and 2 inch shorter with a slightly lower bodyfat. I’m not a huge guy but my bro got almost zero muscle development, so how the fuck he can be so heavy without muscle, 2 inch shorter and leaner than me? Thick waist, wide pelvis and big lower body joints!

I’m 6ft and almost 100kg (220lbs) and I’m just starting to feel normal size, not skinny. At 200 I still felt skinny, mainly because I have tiny wrists. I’m shooting for another 10-15kg yet to make me about 250lbs. I started underweight for the record.

Alot can be how you percieve yourself. Everyone comments on how big I am but I don’t feel big. I’m just big compared to what I was.

Just keep going.

[quote]Tumbles wrote:
6ft 1 196 is still pretty skinny.


[/thread] Get bigger. It’s like guys are now hesitant to dare to weigh over 200lbs.