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I Will Buy Your Old Sprint Cell Phones


If any of you guys or your family or friends has old sprint cell phones that youd be willing to sell, PM me.

Im only looking for older sprint cell phones. Like 8+ yrs and older.

Not looking to buy sprint phones that have cameras or web access on them.

For example. Something like the samsung sch-3500 or sanyo scp-200.

Heres what Im looking for:
- Working old sprint cell phone.
- does not have internet browsing on it.
- does not have a camera.

...this should be interesting




You just described the phone I still use. Does that mean it's time for me to upgrade?


He needs something that's not traceable back to him to make the workings of either a time machine or an IED.


This, email the FBI


seriously what nefarious deeds are being preformed with these old cell phones?

I saw a commercial the other day for buying old phones too


I wonder what they want with them... I doubt it's for conducting illegal business. Everyone knows you use an unregistered pay as you go phone for that. lol.


Actually a friend and I have a small bet.
He thinks Im addicted to my blackberry. I told him I wasnt. We have a small wager. He thinks I cant go 6 mos. without a smart phone or a cell phone that has internet access or camera cuilt in. Weve been known to send shit loads of pics and surf the web for email and sports updates.

So Im trying to find an old sprint phone that doesnt have a camera or internet on it.
So if anyone knows of any old sprint cell phone models that I can search for and buy on ebay thatd be great. I am allowed to have a phone that texts though.

Any ideas?
Someone said something about the older motorola phones like the i90c?


Dude, if you want an untraceable phone, just go to Wal-Mart and buy a few of the disposable phones and PAY CASH. If you need to go online to activate it (you usually don't), go to a public library and use a fake name and address. Oh, by the way, when you are buying the phones you have to wear a hat and glasses to disguise yourself. Bonus points if you hum the Mission Impossible theme while you are walking around the store.


ok the replies to this post is startn to creep me out


In a mildly related topic I had a 22 year-old student say that my iPod (30G classic, but not the LCD screen, the newer one) was "old school".
Shit man kids are calling the iPod old school!


Nards Ipods are so 2010, catch up old man.


I dont even have an iPod and im only 20 haha


OP man up go real old school and get a pager. Probably be free.


pager subscriptions were like $8 a month a few years back in miami...


This. You are also better off conducting most of your meetings in person and limiting your exposure overall.

The best meeting-places would be saunas, nudist wellness facilities and hot tubs, making sure your partner isn't wearing a wire.


I'm so old that my first pager was a beeper.

Does anyone remember text codes for all the pager games back in the day? That shit was difficult.


Sometimes I'll look in the TV guide and ut will say something like Transformers (2007) 7PM on HBO and I'll say in my head for a second "What do they mean 2007? But that movie came out already!"
What I mean is if I read a year close to now, like anything after 2005 or 2006 I feel like it hasn't happened yet because it sounds so damn futuristic! Only for about half a second though.


if i had seen this a week earlier, i finally threw away my dad's original sprint cell phone (the brike that had a battery that weights more then my ipad).... he kept it because he was afraid of identity theft .... i had to break it into small pieces so he would throw it away....