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I Will be Most Powerful

hi i will be starting a workout program starting monday.

my goals

  • increase my clean and jerk by 40 lb…from 185 to 225…
  • increase my power snatch from 185 to ???
  • increase my deadlift, squat, bench max reps…

i read about athletes workout out 2 times a day. these powerlifters doing 2 a day workouts where they squat heavy in the morning, and then focus on the classics in the evening (clean and jerk/snatch)…this seemd like a really good idea when i read about it…

although some of the training is going to be instinctive, but i have a program which i found and plan to follow
bear in mind i tweaked it a little bit:

power snatch - 10 doubles
power clean and press - 10 singles
front squat - 55, with 1-2 warmup sets
bench press - 5
5, with 1-2 warmup sets
calf press - 5 sets of 20 {not part of program, but i added it in for asthetics nom sayin}

each week, im lookin to add weight unless form is broken…then i stay at old weight…

this program ill run 3 times a week…then 1 full body workout which will be super long and super hardcore where im basically trying to rip **** up (aka deadlift) lolz

clean and jerk
back squat
leg press/extention/curl
bench press
shoulder/tricep/bicep work

ill also do a chinups/pullups(rotating)routine as a warmup cuz i feel they good warmup…aiming for 50 reps total each workout

so thats 1 full body(to work on deadlift and other body muscles), 3 days olympic lifts, and the additional 3 days will be probably cardio/conditioning days…

also at home, i got 40 lb dumbells so ill be doing oh press, bicep curl, tricep extention(single db), db front raise(single db),dips, pushups, situps and lunges just to throw in some extra work…

gta get them strength gains!!! lets get it!!!

That’s a ton of volume dude. Even if you were a serious amount of gear I could not see many people reccomending such splits. I take it your not a seasoned athlete, so I would seriously reccomend you just stick to the basics!

im gonna log my workouts…

today was a warmup…then real shit starts tomorrow…if i make it!

155 cnj

365 dl

315 back squat

185 incline bench