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I Went to See the Movie 'Drive'


Really good. Arty, not too much talking, but it's very good. It feels timeless and classic, like Scarface, or Blade Runner (if you know what I mean) probably in part due to its 80s-evoking soundtrack, like this song, which is quite haunting after a while

I think this film is destined to be a real cult classic. Watch it if you get the chance


I heard it was pretty damn good, and I really want to see it.

Gosling is a solid actor as well, he's got a bright future.


Heard that he was considering retiring from acting. Would be a shame though.


Saw this with a few friends last weekend. Sounded kinda cool, got great reviews so why not.. well, my buddies hated it, complaining how artsy and 80's it was (soundtrack especially). Maybe I just read more into things (did go to Film school), but I actually liked it quite a bit. Definitely on the slower side at times, but if you're not expecting the usual pace of editing and story moving at top speed, it's pretty good. Definitely a bit of a character piece.



I just saw it. I definitely see it as a cult classic down the road. The 80s music in a modern movie seems a little different at first, but fits well with what's going on in the movie. By the end of the movie I really liked the soundtrack. I agree that it is slower, but that contrasts the chase scenes and really allows the emotion to build. It's one of the better movies i've seen lately and would definitely recommend people go see it.


Gosling said in an interview that he would retire when he starts a family, so I don't think he has any immediate plans to drop out of the industry...

He hand-picked Nicholas Winding Refn to direct Drive and they are teaming up again on a remake of Logan's Run.

I really like Gosling. He, Ben Foster and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are probably the three best actors under 30 working in movies today...


Yep. After watching it I became acutely obsessed (as I often do) and read up about the movie, how Gosling picked that guy Refn, also apparently originally the movie was gonna be a Hugh Jackman star vehicle... thank fuck that did not happen.

They guy who wrote the screenplay said the book the film derived from was 'strange, short and gloomy, like a poem' which about sums it up I think.

Oh and they also were casting pornstars originally for the (under-used/'exposed') Christina Hendricks role.


When I left the theater I thought that it was OK.

Now that it's a couple weeks later I think it's better than I originally thought.


When Albert Brooks' character waxes Walt from Breaking bad, it was brutal. His whole line of

"Shh it's ok, it's all over..."

Was very chilling to me. It's almost exactly what my dad said when we put one of our dogs down as he held her in his arms. Almost made my lose it in the damn theater. He didn't want to kill Walt, and you could tell. Whereas when he skewered that dude in the pizza place it was ruthless and cold blooded.


Albert Brooks is a badass in that film. And the whole thing is definitely unique and feels new, even though it's winking at the 80's something fierce.



I wondered if he actually didn't want to, or if he was just insane if you know what I mean.



I think what made this mob-boss character so interesting is that he displayed compassion and humor and wasn't a one dimensional villain. Which, as it turned out, made him even more unpredictable and sinister.

I doubt he was written that way, it was something that Brooks brought to the table.



They're all 30 years old.


yeah I just got it, gonna watch it soon.


Where did the time go? They are three of the best actors working today period. Happy?


Yeah, I read about Jackman eyeing the role about two, maybe even three years ago. Most likely it would have been a typical Hollywood-by-numbers action movie..I mentioned in another thread that Winding-Refn consulted Gaspar Noe on how to depict the violence.

I didn't know about the pornstar thing...they probably ditched that idea because they couldn't find a pornstar with the necessary acting chops - If they could act well enough to do mainstream movies they wouldn't be in skin flicks.


I loved the movie. I know the critics loved it, but I can't believe all the negative user reviews for this movie. It seems to me a lot of people have bad taste in movies. I guess they were expecting your typical American action movie with a bunch of CGI and car chases.

I thought Gosling and Mulligan had an amazing chemistry even though they hardly spoke to each other. You could just tell by the way they looked at each other.


The entire theater was laughing at it when I went to see it. The insanely lengthy pauses and close ups made it unbearable. The main character was awkward, underdeveloped and just plain terrible. Not to mention the lack of action, and the action that was there was corny and unbelievable. Sorry I just really did not like it.


Hey Roy,

did you ever see the movie Its Kind of a Funny Story?


That's probably because it was marketed as an action movie so people are upset it's not actually one. At least that's what it seems like people are upset about. I haven't seen it yet. I'll check it out when it's out on DVD.


didn't like it at all ... i'd love to see a movie where he doesn't look so tired and bored


Yeah I can see that. Although I never see a movie just based on a trailer. Trailers can be really deceiving. I read up on it first.