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I Went to Egypt


I went to egypt and it was fucking awesome.

Saw the pyramids , got engaged, and whole bunch of stuff!

I managed to quit smokeless tobacco as well. I was in Egypt for 3 weeks with my now fiance and smokeless tobacco doesn't exist in Egypt. So I had no choice but to quit.

Here's me looking even tinier than I already do next to the pyramid!


Here's a pic of my fiance's brother on a camel. Me and my fiance can be seen complaining about the tour guide in the background.


Congratulations on getting engaged, as well as quitting the spit tobacco!


And here's me on a camel.

Looking like I don't lift at all.


Thanks! :slightly_smiling:


I never realised how massive camels are until I saw them in person.

The tour guide kept trying to get us to ride them for an hour trip to the sphinx.

I simply said no way.

Those things scare the shit out of me!

The noise they make (growl? moan? ) is just absolutely terrifying when you are sitting on it or when you walk by it!

I have a new worst fear.



I lived there for 4 years and can't wait to visit again one day it's a great place man glad you had fun.


That's very cool!


What else did you do while you were there?


No fiance pictures? Well that's a bummer.


That's awesome...I can't wait to make it over there one of these days.


Why? So that you can show them the filth and burn those disgusting images in their minds, like you did to ours??

Sweet! I can't wait:)


Sweet. What'd you live over there for? Military?

My fiance's grandparents live there so we stayed with them. Us, her brother, two sisters, and my fiance's Mom.


Lol well. Basically. For the first week we were all over Cairo.. just seeing everything we could.. pyramids.. mosques.. the nile.. the works.

Then for the last 2 weeks of the trip we just hung out because Ramadan started. So daily fasting from 4am to 6:30.. etc:)


Your avatar is the exact reason I won't post a picture of her.


Did you fast, also?


Yes, I did. I'm a recent convert to Islam. We made it official in Egypt as well. We went to a big new mosque and I got a certificate and everything.

It's my first Ramadan.

It's not that hard, really.

I barely ate before anyway.


Damn, you must be in love to do all of that.... You've got my respect.

Now, the fasting thing wouldn't work for me.... I fast about 3 to 4 hours tops in a 24 hour period and that's only because i'm sleeping at that time.

Otherwise, nobody or nothing better come near me or it would either be yelled at or eaten. Possibly both.


Love is a funny thing. :slightly_smiling:

I'd give anything for this girl. ANYTHING. I'd spill my own blood for her. She is the love of my life! That is for sure.

It may seem like a ton now, but I know, one day I will be getting what I want. And that is her hand in marriage. And that's almost guaranteed now in shaa allah...


Dude, can we get a video of you stomping on her head when she interrupts your prayer time?

lol jk bud, congrats.


I think it's 'Inshallah' :slight_smile: