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I Went from 285 to 200


Ever so slowly i’m trending towards my initial goal of single digit bodyfat. I doubt I would ever compete but that is the look i’m after.

this is my progress thus far:


Damn good job! You look great! Well that is, from the waist up :wink:


What were beginning points as far as diet, at what weight were you strongest, damn good results. Just added 5 years on life , easy . To bad you couldn’t have entered before after contest could have cleaned up.


When i started I ate anything, mostly fast food and didn’t know anything in regards to calories or protein needs.

Strongest is the most recent picture as when I started I wasn’t lifting or doing anything overly active at all.


Shit dude. That’s impressive


How long did this take you?


Very impressive, what was your nutrition like as you went from 240 down to 200. did you eat below maintenance and how much protein daily?


For “how long did this take you” it’s sort of complicated so:

285 - went to 265lb without changing my diet within a year (first year lifting)
Focused on diet/cardio:
265 got to 225 in 4 months, within the year gained it all exactly back by forgetting to focus on what i ate.
265 again (260 pictured) to the first 200lb photo within 7 months.
The first 205 photo is within a year of the 260 photo.
Then the last photo is 2 years after the 260lb photo


For protein I tried to get 1g per estimated lean bodyweight. So somewhere in the 180+ range. For my diet I just ate as what i interpreted as clean. Lean proteins, salads, fruits, vegetables. I rarely had a cheat day and I would do HIIT cardio, run for 15-30 minutes in a near sprint interval fashion. I tried to eat 1800-2000 calories a day. I was probably in a deficit many days as I lifted 7x a week, did sprint intervals a few times week (15-20 minutes) and I belonged to this cardio-boxing gym called title boxing and I did that daily as well.


How tall are you my man? I’m absolutely impressed right now! I’m 284 at 6’3" and my goal is to weigh 240