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I wear one to teach Jr. High


What the hell? That is the stupidest policy I’ve heard. Look confrontational? Hell, I’d wanna look like the scariest mofo around if I worked as a prison guard.


And police shouldn’t be allowed to wear bullet proof vests as it sends a signal to shoot them.

People shouldn’t wear seat belts as it sends a signal to drive reckless.

Houses shouldn’t have smoke detectors because it you’ll be reckless with fire.

Motorcyclists shouldn’t wear helmets because it sends the signal to run them off the road.

Bathrooms shouldn’t have those safety outlets because it sends the signal that electricity is safe.

Oh, I could go on and on…

It sounds like the USA has exported some of its leftist do-gooders to Canada.

Who the hell cares if inmates are offended? I thought that prisoners were there to be punished, not to be made happy.

My first though on of how this came about.

Generic Lackey -
“Some guards are asking for us to purchase their stab proof vest. Some guards have bought them and now the rest want us to buy them as standard equipment.”
Tim Krause -
“Not in the budget. What can we do about this?”
Generic Lackey -
“Maybe if no one was allowed to have them. The problem would solve itself.”
Tim Krause -
“Hmmmm, how could we pull that off.”
Generic Lackey -
“Ummmm, say it offends the inmates.”
Both -
Tim Krause -
“Wait, think that would work?”

One week later, new policy

Utter B.S.

What a crock.