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I Wasn’t Sure if My Test was Real Until Training

Woke up at 5am and just wasn’t feeling it… almost done with my first week of test e 500mg so I told myself to man up, get up and go to the gym. Made it to gym, sweats, hoody, not wanting to talk to anyone and to just get my thing done with so I could go home…

THEN… 20 mins later, after the first couple sets I was ready to Tear my sweatshirt off my chest with my teeth, while curling a new PR and banging the front desk girl from behind…

That gym visit turned into a 2 hour back workout out as time flew by and I never got tired even though I was lifting to almost failure in all sets I was doing. 3 minutes between sets and I was good to go again. Had to tell myself to leave. If this is the dark side throw away the key for me, I like it here.

What’s up with these troll posts clogging the forum. Who even bothers to take enough time out of their day to formulate this nonsense


I don’t believe he is a troll. I just believe he is in the honeymoon phase. He’s just excited. There is no way he is feeling that sorta craziness at the end of the 1st week.

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yep what he said, and r u sure? I’ve increased every single lift this week and I don’t run out of gas. Only thing that’s changed is the test.

Well I guess placebo effect is a hell of a drug too then.

You are training harder knowing you are on gear. Its in the brain buddy. The gear could still be fake.

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Ya def the honey moon phase… Actually be careful. Iv read a lot of stories of people injuring themselves in the first few weeks of a cycle because of this. They think they are feeling stronger add some plates and fuck their shit up. Take it slow bro. Even when I front load I don’t feel strength gains til the 3-4th week.

Altho the libido and for some energy can def increase within a week

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I just checked my smart scale for this week. I’ve gained 6 pounds eating clean so I feel it’s probably the real deal. Not running any ai till I feel itchy nipples to check that way as well. It’s a eurochem vial and my seller shows up on verified sellers list.

Still could be fake I know but not much more I could do and try and make sure it’s a legit seller and now to see if it’s real, short of blood tests which I’ll also do. Have a place around the corner from me who will do “male health checkups” basically tailored to athletes on gear.

Yah, at the end of my session today I thought about how pissed I’d be if I over did it and injured myself. I’m not gonna be that guy if I can help it lol

So you’re telling me it isn’t a troll if someone says they ripped off their shirt, went to have sexual intercourse with a receptionist whilst doing bicep curls at record weight? Or did I get confused and it was a joke.

Please explain what is wrong with this thread and I won’t make another one again. Or just maybe let it go.

Oh shit, sorry I didn’t see that haha, my fault here, nothings wrong with the thread

Good to hear the cycle is going well, how much are you expecting to gain? How long are you running it for?

No worries man, was just confused what I did wrong. I thought maybe u misread it which is why I re-quoted it again.

And this is my first cycle. Going into it with zero expectations. Just going to focus on eating enough, sleeping enough and lifting enough and cycling properly. Already up 6 pounds, granted I’m sure majority is water weight, won’t start AI till end of week two.

How long have you been training for? What’s you’re diet and lifestyle like? These and more will factor into how much you gain, if done properly I see no reason why you could gain 15lbs or so

Testosterone isn’t frequently faked as much as it is under or overdosed (most UGL’s lack the equipment to precisely measure dosages). Best way to find out is to order private bloods :slight_smile:

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Ya the chances of your gear being fake as long as you bought it off a somehwta reputable vendor are pretty slim… Now how accurate the dosage is can be questionable… If it says 300mg/ml it might be 275 or 325. From reports I have read a lot of ugls actually end up overdosing gear by 5-25 mg/ml.

In my opinion this is a pretty good way to gauge if it’s real. Altho it is 100% water weight that’s a good sign that what you have is legit test

It sucks. I have almost been that guy. And when reading about others they are miserable. Usually the post start out " hi my names John I injured myself in the 2nd week of cycle. Elbow joint is extremely swollen should I continue cycle or start pct" don’t be John. John hates life right now. John will probably try to work thru the pain and injur himself more before ehe finally starts pct early.

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I have been training on and off again for the last 20 years. First dip into steroids though. Turned 37 and have felt tired a lot more lately and recovery is slower. Figured let’s do this!

I sit in a desk all day and have 3 little kids. Built a gym in my garage to ensure I won’t miss a workout. Diet is good. Shooting for 500 over tdee… and then if I’m craving spaghetti and ground beef… I’ll listen to my body and do it. I’m not cutting afterall! I’m currently 196.5 11-12% body fat according to my scale and mirror test. I started this at 11-12% and 188-189 lbs. I’m 5’10.5

Checked the scale and I’m at 8lbs weight gain on day 6 of cycle. Haven’t cheated and my calories aren’t over 3k. Snapped at my little one this morning and realized I’m definitely a lot shorter on the patience, could Feel my blood pressure skyrocket as I got super annoyed. Looked in the mirror and I Look much bigger already!.. and my left nipple is itchy!

It’s only been a week, from what I’ve read it’s too early to have these types of signs show up already… are some people hyper sensitive to test?

I’m going to start my ai protocol today on a .25 every 3 days and dose it up if needed.

Its not too early to start seeing signs of higher E. You could be a hyper-aromatiser and since the drug starts to be released into the system as soon its injected, it could be aromatising already.


I took an over the counter prohormone called havoc back in the day and it gave me super itchy nipples quickly as well… now it’s banned and considered a steroid.

If I am a hyper-aromatiser as you say, how should I adjust my cycle to compensate?

Are you doing your Tests shots all in 1 shot? If so divide them out, 1 every 3.5 days.

250mg every 3.5 days. Done two shots. Next one is due Monday morning.

I have nolva, clomid, hcg, and letro for emergencies, and an ai on hand .

You dont need to adjust the test dose IMO. You could continue as normal and start your low dose AI or as @physioLojik recommends, use nolva instead at 20mg/d.


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