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I Was Shopping At Costco And...


I found out that soy protein is so hard to avoid. Heres what I wanted that contains soy protein

-virtually all the cereals available
(kashi go-lean etc )
-the beef jerky
-they had 5 different type of protein bars, they all contain soy isolate
-gingko biloba caps ( really contain soy protein, not soy lecithin )
-some breads and pastas contains soy protein
-and the list goes on

good deals
-a good multi 365caps for 10$
-fish oil caps 300caps for 12$
-green tea pills 180caps for 10$
-also good deals on egg whites

bad deals
-no bulk oatmeal bags
-no big cottage cheese tub
-no fat free cheese in bulk
-deals on big bags of mixed nuts are the same as everywhere ( I decided to go straight to the factory store for nuts , 2$ for a big bag of natty almonds , the same bag at costco is 18$ )


Costco has a HUGE box of Quaker Old Fashioned oats. Go look again.

And, do some of those things (like the gingko caps) contain soy oil, or is it really soy protein. Soy oil is not a problem.



What Cosco were you at?

The cottage cheese tubs are right next to the sour cream tubs. They look EXACTLY the same so becareful, but they are there. I swear. I think they know me as cottage cheese man there. I come home with 8 of those mofos.

Bulk oatmeal is in the big quaker box!

I dunno about fat free cheese.


Forget that Kashi crap. Get Uncle Sam cereal at your local grocery chain. I'm surprised they didn't have a tub of cottage cheese at your Costco. Mine has a whole section of cottage cheese tubs and $18 for a bag of almonds is ridiculous. I can get a bag of Kirkland almonds at Costco for around $6 here.


Just as an addendum:

CostCo has some jugs of whey protein, 5 lb for 20 bucks or something. It seems like a good deal, unless you plan on ever coming into contact with another human being. Then, you will realize that the deadly cheap-protein farts are a weapon that would have the Death Star cowering in fear.


I bought the 5 lb whey at Costco. It's alright the first couple of shakes, after that you just want to puke it out. rather spend the money for a 2lb Grow!.


A good way to choke up someone catching up to you in a footrace.


I get the Kirkland almods for $9 out here. I also buy the cashews from Costco (can't remember the price on those).

I too get the cottage cheese in the large tubs from Costco as well as fish oil and flaxseed oil.

I don't recall the jerky having soy though. Its dried beef or turkey so I wouldn't see where the soy would come from unless it is used as a preservative (soy lecithin).

You can also get some really lean cuts of beef and chicken there for a good deal. Just pop some in the freezer and thaw it out for a few days before hand.

Or, I like their flash frozen chicken breasts. You can just toss those on the grill and then you have plenty of chicken when you need it. Like for an omelet or a frittata.


goddamn quebec

no cottage and no oatmeal
they do have cottage but its in the same container as the grocerie stores for the same price.


Drive down to Nova Scotia. We only have one CostCo in the province but at least we have cottage cheese, oats and soy free jerky :slight_smile:


I was in new brunswick 2 weeks ago, i should have drive down nova scotia and get some food!


I just looked at my last Costco receipt and I actually paid about $9 myself for a bag of almonds. The flash frozen breasts are money because they thaw so quickly and last forever in the freezer. But like a lot of t-members have said, there are only so many ways you can prepare chicken breasts before you just get sick of them.


The almonds are about $13 here in NY now. They used to be 8 or 9. The Dry Roasted and salted are cheaper I think too but they're in a 2.5 bag instead of 3#