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I was on TV last night

I caught a foul ball at the Braves game last night. It was on TBS. I showed my superior athletic ability by catching it cleanly and not bobbling it at all. What a catch. hahahahaha.

Was your “superior athletic ability” due to all of your SWIS ball training? hehehehehe

I was actually the closing picture on TBS if anybody caught the game.

Did you get someone to record it?

That’s awesome.

Who said powerlifters aren’t athletes or have no athletic ability!???


Nice job.

I was on TV once during a game. Unfortunately the camera caught me at a bad moment as I was stuffing my face with food.

Goldberg, I’m sooooo jealous. I am the hugest Braves fan. I’ve been to many Reds-Braves games and a spring training game, Braves-Mets. 2 seasons ago when the D-Backs won it all, I went down in October to see the D-Backs and Braves play in the NLCS. It fuckin rocked!!! I loved it.

I had a blast. I have a friend who works for Coca Cola and she had luxury box seats. So me and my sisters boyfriend went and he said hey we might get a foul ball up here. And right before that this little girl across from us got hit in the leg and they even put her on sportscenter. The next thing I know it was coming right to me and I caught it and started dancing on the big screen. The crowd was tripping out. My sisters boyfriend said that they showed it on Sportscenter on saturday night but they must have changed it on sunday morning because they only showed the little girl.

did the little girl that got hit with the ball get the ball? If not I were you I would give the that you caugbt to her. Thats just me personally. You guys are probably going to flame me.

In health,


The girl was across from me as in across the stadium. The opposite side from me. The broadcaster actually brought her an autographed ball after it happened.

In that case I would disrgared my last statement. From the sound of it in your first post it sounded like she was standing right next to you.

Did you have a 14" glove to “clean” it? Haha. Use your hands!!

I did that, and it broke a finger when I caught a line drive.

Never been on T.V at a Braves game, but I was on one of TBS’s old WCW “Clash of the Champions”. I had front row seats and me and my friends were arguing with, WHOOOOOOOOOO!, Ric Flair. Flair was alot bigger than I thought he would be. Abdullah the Butcher was also there and he scared all the kids along the ring post with that fork thing he uses. In case anybody is wondering, Abdullah won the match by cranking the other guy in the head several times with a gas can. It rocked.

I was caught on film gorging myself on french fries one time about 10 years ago. A friend of mine called me up to tell me I had ketchup all over my face and I was staring at some fat girl’s ass. It was like a 30 second shot of me.