I Was On the Radio - Steroid Side Effects

I got a last minute call to be on the radio and do a show on steroid side effects, Myth vs/ Reality...here is the streaming audio, E-mailer, podcast info, etc.. and links that were sent out, if you wanna listen:

Anthony Roberts author of Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guide answers many of
the questions about anabolic steroids that we couldn’t get to during his first
interview due to running out of time. We discuss cycle lengths, side effects, risk
-vs- rewards, and more.

Anthony is a true friend of the SHR show. He agreed to do the interview at the last
minute when I learned that the previous guest couldn’t.

Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guide - http://www.anabolicbooks.com/

You can listen to the stream here http://www.superhumanradio.com/core/shr_archive.htm

You can download the Podcast using iTunes or by visiting any of the top Podcast
directories or paste the URL below into your favorite Podcast aggregator software.