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I was at Thurman Vs Garcia Locker Rooms


I was at the fight on Saturday at Barclays center for work.
Ive done a few of these - written about one a few Months back.
Wilder vs Szpilka to be specific.

I did the UFC show at Barclays too- but I wasnt in the locker rooms.

again - what to say. I do sports television- for a living.
while somewhat glamorous - this makes for a 20 plus hour day
it can be a sad way to earn a living

Entourage- putting on a fashion show.
the difference- of locker rooms- vast.

Garcia- his locker room had a TON of people
including his dad-(his trainer)
4-5 people shooting and recording the entire process.
fashion plates- lots of Gold

Thurmans room by conrtrast-
empty of hangers on
his team of four including white red head irish New Yorker- with the most amazing mullet - who’s sole job it seemed was
to carry the belt(s)

thurman chilled- jumped rope - warmed up and rocked the
ben getty shorts.

Danny Garcia- had the mask
all his boys- and well you saw the fight.
Angel Garcia - very conscious of the camera and recording crews.
and had a post fight show rant

meanwhile Keith Thurman’s people celebrated very quitely packed their shit and
even policed their garbage in the dressing room post fight.

again - Im in the room for pre and post fight physical/urine tests
hands being wrapped - gloves being taped etc.
the NY athletic commission is vigilant through-out.

Again - I had a NY commissioner- talk to me about being a fan
training- what he was up too ( he is mid to high fifties)
that he was in vegas training and Mexico training
what was I up to- rehab - how am I moving- etc.
can I run? jump rope? maybe I should swim blah blah blah

he was reluctantly glad about UFC- in NY and was impressed with the quality of their organization.

anyway- a lesser card then the money mayweather promotion in January
but a respectable card.


well thanks man. i appreciate the insight . keep on rolling the posts about the locker rooms


Been off the board for a bit so I just read this, but that’s awesome dude. Truly. Everyone I know who’s met Thurman says he’s a stand-up dude. And I could see Garcia being somewhat … less than that.

Also, if you guys are hiring give me a shout out damnit!