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I Wanted to be Mr. Black


So I'm starting a training log. Been trying out a few different things these last 6 months, but I haven't made as much progress as I would like. I've now settled on a Dorian Yates inspired 3-way, that I'm sure many here are familiar with. It goes like this:

Chest, biceps, triceps
Shoulders, back

Two exercises per bodypart and ramping up to one all out set for most muscle groups.


16/6-2009 Chest/Arms

3 ramping sets mostly.

Incline BB: 80kg x6

Flat DB press: 40kg x 4

EZ curls: 45kg x 8

Pinwheels: 25kg x 14

In-Human presses: 82kg x 6

Dead Skulls: 39kg x 9


17/6-2009 Legs

Back Squat: 120kg x 5 Struggling to get the bar lower, hurts my wrists. Going to get some wraps for this.

Leg press: 200kg x 15 (On my old leg press this would have been easy, lol. Almost died to get that last rep)

Leg curl: 45kg x 12

Seated calf: 2 plates 1x15

Standing abs: 85kg x 16


19/6-2009 Delts/Back

Ruhl style presses: 77kg x 11

Seated lateral raise: 12.5kg DB's x 12

Pulldowns: 155kg x 10

Rack pull: 150kg x 8
130kg x 11

Word to the wise, rack pulling when you desperately need to take a dump is very unpleasant. The dungeon I work out in doesn't have a toilet.


21/6-2009 Chest/Arms

Incline BB: 80kg x 7 (+1 rep)

Flat DB: 40kg x 5 (+1 rep) was just shy of lockout on the sixth rep

EZ curls: 47kg x 8 (+2kg same reps)

Pinwheels: 25kg x 17 (+3 reps)

In-Human presses: 82kg x 8 (+2 reps)

Deadskulls: 39kg x 13 (+4 reps)

I just switched back to doing Incline BB, but I don't know. It seems my gym is empty most times when I'm there, so that leaves me with no spotter. I'll switch them out for either Smith inclines or DB inclines I guess.

Considering that I have a cold and had a splitting headache all the way through, not a bad day at the office.


I can attest that rack pulling in that situation is unpleasant. As is not having spotters. If your dungeon has a power rack, you can set the safety bars up so if you fail on a lift you won't be crushed. That would be better (in my opinion) than using the smith machine for incline.


No power rack, unfortunately. Going to go for the smith inclines.


22/6-2009 Legs

Squat: 120 kg x 6 (+1 rep)

Leg press: 200kg x 18 (+3 reps, with a couple of guttural screams lol)

Leg curl: 50kg x 9 (+5 kg -3 reps)

Calves on leg press: 150kg x 12

Standing abs: 90kg x 14 (+5kg -2 reps)

Not too bad, with me still fighting a cold. I was considering not going today, but then I thought "what would the Professor do?" :slight_smile:


We got some new strongman equipment, cool.






24/6-2009 Delts/Back

Ruhl style presses: 82kg x 11 (+5kg)

Seated lateral raise: 15kg DB's x 8 (+2.5kg -4 reps) these are going to be tough to progress on

Pulldowns: 160kg x 12 (+5kg +2 reps)

T-bar rows: 4 plates x 7, 3 plates x 11

The idea of doing seated laterals was to cut out cheating. We'll see if I can progress on them at all, or if I'm just going to have to do another variant.


26/6-2009 Chest/Arms

Smith Incline (30 deg): 90.5kg x 6

Flat DB bench: 40kg's x 7 (+2 reps)

EZ curls: 47kg x 8 (Same as last time, but with more control, less jerking out of the bottom position)

Pinwheels: 27.5kg's x 18 (+2.5kg +1 rep)

IH press: 85.5kg x 6 (+3.5kg -2 reps)

Deadskulls: 41kg x 10 (+2 kg -3 reps)


I'm horrible at back squatting. I wish I could get the bar lower and my elbows under, but I can't.


Just starting to use T-bar rows, yet to find a really good groove with them.


T-bar back off set.


27/6-2009 Legs

Epic fail.

Not much more to do about it than go in and try again next time.


Probably even overdoing the arch a tad there, now :wink:

Try having the bar high on your traps next time, hands relatively far apart... You can stay more upright then, same foot stance etc.
More of a bodybuilding squat in that case.

Maybe it'll be easier for you.


Don't forget to sort of retract/pull together your scapulae/chest out/shoulders back. That alone should bring the bar most of the way up, if not all the way. So instead of just pulling with your arms and lats (of course you bring your elbows to your sides, still), just think of it as rowing the bar down on a PL bench... And like you're trying to get into PL bench position with the shoulders back and all that. You just reverse that (mostly) on the negative of the row.

Try it on your warm-ups first and possibly lower the weight some... Probably works better with BO rows, too, but yeah. Just some food for thought.


I was thinking of this, and it worked fine with less weight, but not so well with 4 plates. Oh well, practice makes perfect.