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I Want to Try Tbol This Time Around

I’ve always done dbol, want to try tbol any much of a difference?

I haven’t done Dbol, but I am using Tbol now. Dbol is stronger according to almost everyone. Tbol doesn’t convert to E2, so it is drier.

I notice that it improves endurance a good amount. I can get that extra rep, or that extra set or two.

Oh really? I think I’m going to give it a try this time around.

What are you running it with? I am running the Tbol at 40 mg/day taken in the morning. It has a long half life for an oral (16 hours), so I figure just take it in the morning. I am taking 875 mg/wk of Test E with it for anabolics. If you want you can check out my training log. I have detailed my experience with it so far (about 2 weeks into it).

I be running it with cypionate @30 mg. I can take it all at once instead of split? I’ll check out your training log.

Cypionate be 400mg split into 2.

What were your last cycles?

I think with tbol, once a day is fine. I guess I take mine at about 7 am, train at 4 pm. That is about half of one half life. So it’s at about 75 percent when I train. No issue if you want to split it up, I just don’t think you will get a lot of benefit from it.

Last cycle was cypionate @ 400 mg split for 10 weeks and 30 mg dbol for 4 weeks. I’m currently cruising on 200mg a week split. Before this cycle last one was in 2007, test 250 and dbol with good gains. This time around I only gained 11lbs, compared to 20- 25lbs.