I Want to Train Like the Marines

   Any really good marine workouts out there? I wanna start training like them.

I wanna be like this guy:


or be able to do a hundred of these:

lmao but no really…

PMSL! I thought this was a serious thread at first - then I thought you got the ghey, then OMG - that second link - that guy is on something.

Or maybe the pull up bars he is using are carrying some high voltage?

Oh, man. After watching that 1st one, I feel like I need a shower.

That’s why i didn’t watch it after I saw some dude talking to himself.

Also, I can’t believe the guy doing 100 “pull-ups” did it in sets. I mean if you are going to kip and claim a large number then do then all without letting go. puss. A set of 20 regular dead hang pull ups isnt a set if you let go. bah.


lmao good stuff. but no really this is a serious thread lol

I don’t want to know how yu got onto the first one. omg, must be some kind of BB.com add.

As with the second, I think they’re pretty good form. Yeah, that looks like pretty good land swimming (lmfao).

lmao idk how i ran across it either. i think i was just looking at marine workouts and i ran across it.

but no really i seen a marine workout around these threads somewhere it included dips pushups crunches pushups and running. reps increased every week.


How about we don’t do that again anytime soon, mmmmkay?