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I Want to Switch from SubQ to IM

But I am intimidated about how to do this. When I mention this to my doc he says why bother? SubQ works fine but I believe some of my symptoms low libido and ED may improve with the switch. At least I want to give it a try to see if it does affect it positively. Will by pharmacist be able to show me how to do this? And where is it best to do IM?

Um, you do the same thing as now, but straight in instead of aiming for fat. Maybe a little longer needle, depending on what you do now. It’s the opposite of complicated, I promise.

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Okay, how do I know I’ve put it in a muscle? How long of a needle and where?

How long is the needle? Where do you plan to poke yourself? How lean are you there? Some guys feel a need to use a large gauge 1 1/2 inch needle. Most just use a 1/2" and jab the medial delt or even anterior delt, almost no one has any fat there of consequence. You won’t feel anything different at all during the injection with a fine gauge needle.

Just put a 1/2" needle into your delt as deep as it’ll go and inject normally. That’s literally it.

You can go longer if you prefer but that’s the best way I’ve found. Some people prefer using a longer needle and I’m sure that’s fine too.


Okay thanks sorry but what if I for some reason miss the muscle? Will it have a negative ineffective?

Worst case scenario, it’s sub-Q, or shallow IM possibly. No big deal.


There are several injecting videos on u-tube. I found them very helpful.

1/2 inch needle Length is known as Shallow IM. Use a 29g 1/2inch easytouch in the ventroglute. Its an awesome feeling to go straight into the muscle.

I have a 1/2 inch 27g, will that due?

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Unless you are very lean I dont advise using 1/2 for IM. For me it didnt work.

Better try first with 3/4 inch 27g in delt after stabilizing you may try the shorter needle

That should work in the delt and ventrogluteal muscles.

I use 5/8” 25g, but like others have said, deltoid muscles are usually lean, so you should be fine.

It would be nearly impossible to ‘miss’ the muscle and really as long as you get it inside your body it’s going to be assimilated. Look at these injection spots and pictures. 1/2" is fine for delts and 1" is fine for quads (I use 1 1/4"). Those are the only 2 spots I use.

You’d pretty much have to miss your whole shoulder to miss the muscle there, lol

No kidding. The entire shoulder area is muscle. I don’t think the OP realizes how dense muscle is.

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You can’t miss the muscle in the delt. There’s basically no fat. 1/2 inch is perfect for delts

Do you guys rotate at all to Ventrogluteal?

Negative. I rotate lateral delt sides.

Yes. Lately I’ve only been using ventrogluteal. No injection pain. No pip.