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I Want to See Professor X


... covered in whipped cream benching 450lbs on a straight bar while performing oral surgery and downing a cheeseburger!

If he can't provide that, he's a myth!


Dude where have you been?


Life's been pretty crazy the past few years. The craziest it's ever been. I lurk once in a while but decided recently to post again off and on. It's funny reading the same shit that's going on here. I love seeing people call out X. And this is even after he's posted all those pictures.

How've you been and how are things around these parts?


Wow, I remember PGA, it's been awhile.


well i dont know you obviously since only been here since '08, but hello, welcome back.


PGA killed my family and burned down my house.



Again?! Sheesh, at least ask him to do something difficult. Your request is status quo, easily found in the archives.


You're the photoshop whiz. Make it happen!


Welcome back, I think it's about time for another Southpark episode.


Fucking golfers.


Nothing much has changed here, except that the majority of the 2009 posters have brought a few facets of the forum to an all time low.

I'm looking forward to 2010.


ROFL I remembers PGAs work on those pictures of our good ol' dickbag. :smiley:


Wait PGA's back?

I can smell again! I'm no longer smell-blind!


What's the going trend now? Is it still wanting to put muscle on with the fear of gaining an ounce of fat? Or is there some new fangled neurosis?


You kidding me, no one even lifts around here. Especially not me, muscle is unfunctional and yucky!



Exactly. All of the cool kids quit lifting a long time ago. We spend all of our time now asking who is on steroids or worrying about studies done with half ass info as long as they tell us we are extremely limited in how much we can grow....so when we don't grow, we can say, "see, the study was right!!".

Every now and then we band together and call really muscular people "fat" so that we don't have to feel bad about having arms roughly the size of a well rolled cigar.

Oh, and if anyone actually starts listening to what made big people big and strong...we call that "bro science" so we can make fun of these fastly growing people for doing it "wrong"...unlike us who do everything right. We know this because we aren't gaining shit and are afraid to post pictures because of it. Yay us!!


I don't know you PGA since I joined in 2008 and all but I'm glad to see a veteren back aorund here.
Like has already been mentioned, the 2009 members aren't exactly the most enlightened of characters


of course once I,Bodybuilder comes out then we will have a reason to lift again, until then there is just no point


I fucking hate the fact that I finally found this site and I am clumped with the 2009 class. What happens if the 10 class is worse. Shit. I guess I am just screwed for now. Still think the core guys on here have great insite for us old lifters.


True, true. This program will save us all and show us the light. It will clearly make up for the throngs of people on this site who can't make any impressive gains on their own...however, I am not sure that will fit into our "I live in the real world and don't have time to train more than once or twice a week" superior mentality. I mean, who wants to be a meathead?