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I Want to See Professor X


Not to sound like gay or anything, but, I've been lurking up Professor X for quite a bit, but, I don't know what he looks like in real life.

if your reading this Mr. X, please post pics man, You seem like a legit Ronnie Coleman to me, judging by your lifts, weight (250 is helluva a lot).

Eh, sorry, back to lurking now :smiley:

Edit: Sorry, this thread is imba, did some more lurking


He has pics. Go to the thread "Gimme an X" in the T-Cell.


They have been posted around 6 or 7 million times, most recently in this thread


End of thread unless he feels the need to comment for the 6 or 7 millionth time.




Dam, he's ripped man.






I wanna see professor X pop n lock


this seems to happen once a month if not more


Ripped? Are you crazy. Our resident dental magician is actually quit fat. We did not discover this until we had some right thinking young men from the Lyle McDonald camp come my for a stay. We were informed that the Prof is very overweight. "sumo" was a word thrown around a bit. I myself was found to be in excess of the Casey Butt Limits of growth, space and time limitations.

Apparently by Bicep measurements a t 18.25" set off the Butt alarm and I am in current negotiations as to whether to learn to walk on my hands or go through biceptic bypass surgery. If we could simply siphon the fat from the Prof to AcipitorQ's butt crack (you know the pose) That thing is basically the reenactment of a black hole. In the end, stability and form would be returned to our world, (along with Professor X's six back) all the while spawning a new gallaxay of angry littel pigmented stars with a love for lifting hard but no interest in those just slackin' off.



  1. he has posted numerous pictures of himself and even had a picture of himself in in his avatar for while.

  2. waaay to many guys on this site are on his nuts.

  3. Why dosent anybody start a thread asking to pics of members who don't post pics of themselves such as cephalic_carnage



Obviously, Montez, you have never seen the true grandeur that are his nuts. I was going to, simply as a reference, first post a picture of my nuts. However, it has been pointed out to me the true difference in scale. Therefore, we are soliciting volunteers from the T-Nation. Don't be worried, you nuts will not be on center stage.

They will be used only as mockery's of what any mere mortal's nuts look like in comparison to the mighty Prof X. Anyone interested, please post pictures, complete with calipers and measurements. Oh, what the hell, you ain't got a chance. Just sacrifice a picture of your small nut sack to the grandeur that is Prof X. Hell, we might even chip in for a can of TRIBEX for your humiliation.


I don't give a fuck what anyone says. Prof X is the black Chuck Norris. Except Prof X's strength doesn't come from his beard. Where does it come from? Don't ask.


This is what you get when Anonym is awake past 2 in the morning.



He is so gonna kill you in your sleep.


That's precisely why my bed is located on the second floor of my house: I hear stairs are like kryptonite to bodybuilders.

So, unless the good Prof has eaten Freddy Krueger and absorbed his powers, I doubt he is functional enough to get me while I sleep.


Black Chuck Norris doesn't fear stairs. Stairs fear him. He also moonlights as Black Superman on the weekends.


What, he can't get into the Hall of Justice?