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I Want to Restart my HPTA after TRT

Hi guys I have been self administering TRT doses for the last 3 years as I was a dumb 21 year old. I had one testicle slightly smaller than the other so just instantly assumed that was the issue which I realise now is stupid!!

Could someone please tell me a good HPTA restart PCT protocol that I can follow in hope of achieving a recovery?

I’d like to have kids in the future


Are you currently using HCG with your TRT?

You need to start HCG 500iu daily for 14 days followed by clomid for 28 days and stop everything.

You may not need to do anything other than stop TRT which is what I was able to do successfully.

It was only took 4.5 weeks to get my HPTA up and functioning with no bad side effects other than a little fatigue and sore joints.

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Hi mate what’s your age?
and how long was your TRT?
And also did you take hcg during trt?

No mate and haven’t since the start

Keep in mind that hCG will stimulate testicular testosterone, but not gonadotropin releasing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone or luteinizing hormone.

Either of systemlord’s suggestions above are reasonable, though I think less hCG would suffice.

I have seen a few guys on TRT for two to three years come in after stopping for two or three months. They were looking to switch doctors. Their FSH/LH levels were low mid range to mid range. Testosterone wasn’t great, of course, which is why they went on TRT initially, but the pituitary was bouncing back or did so.

Your age gives me pause for the stop and do nothing option, but you could try.

Good luck.

Not a big deal really your balls will most likely get up and running again quickly. No need to stress.

What were your natural levels before trt?

I’d personally recommend 28 days of HCG at 500IU twice per week before you stop Testosterone and for a further 4 weeks after your last testosterone injection.
Begin 20mg per day Nolvadex (tamoxifen) starting along side your final week of HCG and run for 6 weeks

First 28 days of HCG is arguably optional but gives yous chance if a smoother ride. Same logic with the HCG / Nolvadex overlap of one week

20mg Nolva for 4-6 weeks