I Want to Really Change my Figure

So, I’m 26yo guy and have been lifting since 17. I’m still very skinny (except for legs) and have hard time gaining weight.

I’m not at my peak currently because I’ve kinda been slacking because of work, university and other obligations.

I noticed some patterns, I acumulate fat mostly on thighs and glutes. I gain muscle on legs faster too, and no matter what I do, my upper body will stay disproportionate to my legs.

I even have issues buying pants, as my waist is a lot smaller than my lower body.

Another issue is my voice, as I even had people admit to me that I sound like a woman that smokes a lot. Or woman with raspy throat.
My face does not look feminine, I can grow full beard and am fairly hairy.
My libido has never had issues (was and still is very high) and I never had issues with erections either.

All that being said, how likely it is that my testosterone is low?

And is there any way or secret for me to overcome my current situation and make my arms proportionate with my legs?

All advice is appreciated.

Just do bloodwork. There is no reason to guess as you cant do anything with a guess.


I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and do that once I find the place where to do it and find time for appointment.

Where in the world are you based? In the UK, i could find companies willing to do this easily and (fairly) cheaply with a 20s google search.

On a more practical note: what does your training look like?

I mostly do 5x5 with as much as I can make the lifts with.

I’m training 3x a week.

My bodyfat is fairly low, but I’m more concerned with my figure, fat distribution and seemingly being unable to make much gains on upper body.

In my experience, 5 x 5 is a terrible way to build upper body muscle.

How strong are you at upper body lifts?


Can lift 115kg once or 105kg “properly” full rep - on bench press.

I can make 5x5 with 80kg.

I myself weigh around 70-71kg.

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I think you should look to branch out in your rep ranges.

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How common is this ?

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From time to time I’ll train 2x a week instead of 3x a week. Usually about 4x a year, 1-3 weeks at a time.

Without knowing a lot more about your training and nutrition it is hard to determine where the issues lie. Blood tests aren’t too hard to get done if you want to check your test levels.

I agree with @dagill2 that there are much better options than 5 x 5 if you want to build some muscle.


4 times a year for 3 weeks is 12 weeks. So 12 weeks out of 52 you don’t dont do three days a week and follow the program ?

Basically yes.

I do either 5x5 or 3x10 or 12-10-8 when I lift though.

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Can you post a picture? That would really help us understand what exactly you are dealing with here.


I can probably send you pics in message to people who think it’d help, but I don’t plan to post them here publicly.

I understand. There is no PM feature on this site so ends up being a hassle to send them privately.

You don’t have to post pictures, but I think some detail would help.

For instance, do you want to be very lean or gain upper body muscle? Those are competing goals. Either one is fine, but you’ll only see noticeable progress by picking one and going after it.

We need quite a bit more detail on your training and eating. Alternatively, and this would actually be my suggestion, we could just recommend a plan from this site based on the goals above.

I’d also suggest we be conservative about our constraints. If you can only guarantee 3 workouts a week, that’s totally fine. You can get disgusting jacked that way. I’m pretty sure that’s @flipcollar’s norm. You’d be better served to plan based on 3 days, and crush it, than plan on 5 days and miss 40% of your program.


9 years of the same stuff?! I admire your consistency, but I think it’s time for a new program!

You have PROVEN that 3 times a week full body, is not gonna do it for you. And it sounds like this style of training is disrupting your hormones and elevating your estrogen.

It’s time for a more Physique oriented program, with more volume targeted Directly on your upper body muscles.


Gotta push back on this (again).

Hormonal issues can be caused by lifestyle problems. But people find “low” numbers and use it as an excuse to get on TRT.

Don’t get bloodwork.

Get a better program and eat more healthy food.

Exhaust all other options before heading towards a complete overhaul of a major body system.


Diet: mostly eggs and meat with dairy and fair share of fruits (always getting them for free at work). I also like to snack on either nuts like almonds or cookies from time to time.

Sleep: currently as good as it can be at summer, and up to 10-12hrs a night at winters.

Training: I do mostly bench press, skull crushers or narrow weighted pushups, 70% 5x5 and 30% 12-10-8 or 3 sets of 10 for chest. Sometimes just do butterfly (or whatever it’s called) instead.

Legs: Squat, split squat, bulgarian split squat, alternating those 3 exercises, mostly 4 sets of 8 reps, sometimes 5x5 and sometimes 12-10-8.

Back, abs and biceps: Some variation of pull-ups and whatever I feel doing for it that day…

Also, even if my testosterone is low, I don’t plan to go to TRT. Because my libido is high and I have 0 problems with erections, and I want to have kids some day, so I would rather look into alternatives to fix my natural testosterone production than just start jabbing lab made T…