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I Want to Maximize Results while Training Minimally

Med school student here who wants to get back to being stronger and bigger. I had a few questions and concerns based on two areas. Lifting and diet.

I have three 1 hour slots in a week that I FOR SURE know I can get to the gym to on campus. What type of programs would you guys recommend? Looking through the website I pieced something like this together. I would try to get to the top of the rep range before increasing weights. I want to be able to train with the least amount of exercises but still be able to really get after it while I’m at the gym.

Workout A
-Squat 3x8-10
-Bench Press 3x8-10
-Rows 5x8-12
-Jump Rope in between all sets

Workout B
-Deadlift 3x6-8
-Overhead Press 3x8-10
-Chin Ups 50 reps
-Jump Rope in between all sets

Workout C
-Squat 3x5-7 (use 20 more lbs than first workout)
-Dips 200 reps (shoot for that)
-Chin Ups 100 reps (shoot for that)
-Jump Rope in between all sets

Because of the nature of school, it’s hard for me to eat a lot. I’m thinking eating 2 meals a day would make my life easier and consistent. Big breakfast and big dinner.

If you were to eat only 2 meals a day? How would you go about it? What are some easy options? My only dietary restriction is dairy and whey. I can’t have either. Based on the IIFYM I need to eat anywhere from 2400-2900 calories a day.

Thank you everyone for your help.

Jim Wendler has an article on his blog from a med student that did great doing a 2 day a week program. I recommend reading it, as well as other articles there!

Maybe look up the article by Dan john “Twice a week for twice the gains” where you have a Squat/Bench and DL/OHP workouts that you alternate, with assistance stuff described too.

I had to commute to uni and stay on campus for most of the year and one thing recommend is doing your meal prep. When you are cooking a meal make 2 to 3 times as much as you need and pack it.

Dan John says that training twice a week has many advantages, including having more time for meal prep, and nutrition is crucial! PB sandwiches are great for that btw. If I had to eat twice a day… Probably as you said a masive dinner and breakfast but with food easily digested, and that depends on you.